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Why in a family the man of

has to direct money Why in a family the man has to direct money? - often women ask such question. Recently the wave of feminism quieted down. Nevertheless, there are such ladies who wish to keep all under own strict control. As for a family, not always the man becomes her “head“. Unfortunately, many hostesses remain at opinion that, a pier “The wife has to operate the family budget, and the husband only silently to earn money...“. Perhaps, many housewives will begin to protest, but all - at men with money “dialogue“ is adjusted far better! Not for nothing most of the richest people of the planet belong to a male. Therefore, dear ladies, give way “the family accountant“ to the husband. There are very many different opinions in this respect as well talk on equality is not forgotten. But actually, the tendency goes to completion of disputes on that, “who in the house the owner“. Many psychologists, nevertheless, claim that the man has to be the head to the states “Family“. Too concerns also finance. To direct money - does not mean only to spend them. Generally women care only for how it is correct to distribute the income of a family, even do not assume about “the passive income“. In this plan, men in comparison with women cleverer. With finance they on “you“. Besides, one of the strongest arguments why the man has to direct the family budget, the result of many researches is. The statistics shows that most of women - squanderers while men prefer to save and save money more. By the way, into the account of wastes. Women most often throw out money for small purchases while men postpone the most part of the income for large: household appliances, the car, on a trip etc. The situation when passing on shops will be familiar to many women, they notice a huge number of knickknacks which not really - that and are necessary to them. Men in turn, are more practical. Purchases are necessary to them only for the sake of advantage, but not pleasure. That is, he will buy that it is necessary for it on the near future, but not “on the future“. For the future they prefer to save up money. Women do not even think that the profit can be not only from physical or brainwork, and here men always see a possibility of the “passive“ income. For example, favorable investments or storage of money not in a bedside table or “under a mattress“ (many women - “conductresses“ are mistakenly convinced that they will better preserve money, than some Swedish bank), and in reliable bank where for their storage decent percent can be charged. They count that money does not like to be idle, they like to work.

Hardly now someone will have doubts that money in a family the man has to direct.

And still - a family is a family and money should not become the reason of any quarrels. Both should learning to use forces where both are good and to help each other with those spheres where one knows more, and another is less. Without it the general never it to turn out - that the enterprise that a family. Good luck to you, dear friends, on all fronts.