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Than short nails are good?

“Nda, with my profession nails will not grow“, - I sigh. However, somewhere in soul I am proud supposedly the real working hands, the excellent tool. I - not the doctor, not the musician, not the masseur. I just work hard with the computer. When nails though grow a little, speed falls for 20%. So it is necessary to choose: either nails, or effective work.

Should I be upset? Perhaps, no. Thanks to it I am relieved of so many problems and chagrin.

“I descend on manicure“

to look after for long, especially artificial nails, it is necessary to go to salon or to meet the master. And for this purpose it is necessary to agree, register, choose time, to stay there minutes twenty at least. Separate article - ukhoda on manicure from work. Female colleagues sometimes for it just are ready to tear to pieces.

And it is quite possible to cope with length of 5 millimeters most by means of a usual manicure set of minutes for ten. Also it is not necessary to go, select the master anywhere, to hope that he will not cut you and will infect with nothing.

“My nails Many secretaries and office workers, especially unmarried cost a fortune“

, at a low salary increase nails. Building in salon costs about 1/5 of their salaries and 1/10 more in case of correction. I.e. at least 4 days a month they work just for manicure. Whether it is reasonable?

The manicure costs me at the price of 10 drops of a varnish of +10 minutes of the time + depreciation of a manicure set. Is differently cheaper, than in salon. Besides, they healthy and strong.

“Oh, I cannot do anything, I have nails!“

I cannot quickly gather

, I cannot work on the house, I cannot that, I cannot do it. Yes, nails cling to everything, tear tights, break, can where - nibud to get stuck, horror as it is inconvenient. But who to you is guilty? About it I remember two cases.

At university one my classmate refused to go to a board because it has long nails. The teacher and all of us, of course, were stunned by such impudence. Though in something it was right: a scratch of nails on a board - that still a sound.

One more case happened in bank. I come to habitual office, and there unusual turn on a ladder and to the street. It appeared, the operator increased nails and types documents a pencil. Speed is corresponding. The people are indignant, but it is unperturbable. It has nails!

It looked, to put it mildly, it is silly and inappropriate. And me it is good - I can do everything.

“I have a depression, I broke a nail!“

it is difficult for h2 to find

the man who never saw the play “The requiem for the broken nail. The tragedy in 2 parts“. First part: “Oh, the devil, I broke a nail! Horror! What will I do now?!!!“ Second part: “What do you smile? Any sympathy! Could and regret!!!“

If is serious, it is really unpleasant, sometimes sick, always offensively, especially if long let grow, made beautiful manicure, gathered for appointment. The mood spoils at once. And me it is simpler: to break short nails - it it is necessary to try very much.

“, the darling, not nails, is claws!“

Went with the friend by the bus, the pretty girl came, undertook a hand-rail, I feel, the friend even shuddered. Whispers: “Look what horror! Claws as at an eagle! I am afraid of it!“. The girl had very long sharply ground nails which even began to be bent. Will scratch incidentally - it is necessary to impose seams. Further poll of men showed that they mostly dislike such manicure because injury-causing and not very esthetically. Short nails in anybody of the interrogated objections did not cause.

It turns out, around well: the saving of time and money, the normal relation of men, disturbs nothing and does not spoil mood. In the same way it is possible to make beautiful manicure, drawing or an art list. Looks esthetically and accurately. But here just imagine, not fashionably! Well and Let it pass, but it is convenient!