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What it is better for our organism to eat in the spring of

it is necessary to consume products with the high content of vitamins and macrocells in the Spring. At this time for support of own organism it is necessary to observe the balanced food, also healthy sleep and walks in the fresh air will help. To avoid avitaminosis, it is necessary to fill up a vitamin stock. The human body needs 4 main vitamins not to ache in the spring.

First of all vitamin C is necessary in the spring. It helps an organism to resist infections. Vitamin contains in a citrus, potatoes, currant, bean.

Vitamin B helps to improve to the robot of nervous system, to avoid overexcitation. It contains in rice and buckwheat.

In the spring vitamin D which is responsible for digestion of calcium is very important. It is possible to increase its level in an organism, using molokoprodukta.

Vitamin E is responsible for functions of muscles. it contains in greens and vegetable oil.

It is necessary to use natural products, they have a bigger amount of natural substances. For increase of a stock of forces bananas - a power source which serves as fine substitute of sandwich during a lunch help. The alkaloid which is contained in bananas causes sense of euphoria, raises a vitality. Nuts help to improve work of a brain, at them contains substances on which sharpness of mind directly depends. Also in nuts there are many fatty acids increasing work of cells of a brain. To update an organism, it is possible to feel more young if to add the sprouted wheat sprouts to a diet. They promote rejuvenation and longevity of an organism. Also by means of sprouts it is possible to strengthen cardiovascular system, to improve sight.

Dropping weight is natural process for an organism in the spring. At this time it is possible to afford an easy diet, then dropping kilograms will take place more naturally. It is explained by annual biorhythms of the person, in the spring slags are quicker removed from a human body. It is necessary to begin a season with fresh vegetables, then weight loss will become interesting and tasty occupation. The first greens, salad, a radish are very useful and low-calorie so they can be eaten in unlimited number. All women dreaming of a beautiful figure can try a simple and effective diet on which it is possible will hold on a long time. Its main rules:

- at each meal it is necessary to eat a portion of the salad filled with a yogurt spoon with lemon juice, spices and vinegar;

- waters it is possible to drink any quantity.

The diet contains 1300 calories. Results can be seen already in few weeks, having dumped from 2 to 4 kg.

It is necessary to pay special attention to salads in the spring - it the dish has a large number of advantages. Spring salads will help to diversify a house diet, they quickly and just prepare therefore even that hostess who does not torture special love to cookery can create the real masterpiece in several minutes.

Following this simple advice it is possible to avoid spring avitaminosis, and also to get rid of excess weight. Over time the healthy nutrition will become a habit and will lead to excellent health.