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“Aquarium“, summer - 2011. On one, and.?

In St. Petersburg - are difficult in the summer. Often there is a feeling that the favourite city hot asphalt suddenly begins to move, twist, turns into a funnel, and everything that you know in the St. Petersburg, falls down, leaving from above what has absolutely no relation to you. But suddenly in the subway car you see absolutely young girl with long hair, the pansophy press on a face and a set of baubles on a wrist. It leaves together with you on Petrograd, and you are amused, seeing yourself twenty years ago, and reflect right there that that subculture cannot be already just. All of us grew up. Even those who, as I, persistently wear skirts in a floor and baubles on a wrist.

Was time: a leg in a stirrup. And now - it is silent …

Yesterday I told

super - to the colleague and the friend that I go on a concert of “Aquarium“. Remembering how we with it, Yakov Kulnev, rattled to all Latvia in itself and BG albums on air, I asked: “You to it did not grow cold?“ Yashka answered me that years ten as … And the relation - as to the pagan temple of the unknown people. Valid. I agreed with it, and on the way to a concert began to reflect further. About pagan temples.

Perhaps, to each feeling - the time. When you are still weak and you need idols and gods - it is good that there are such idols as “Aquarium“. When you grew up - you had memory and as about values of this world you, it seems, are already aware, at last cease to listen attentively to words of songs. Because nothing new to you will be sung there. You listen to professional music, enjoy a discordance of tools, and what is sung by Grebenshchikov - it is not revelation of a bodkhisattva, and just a view of the world, and here and now - no more than that.

It - not for, it - not against. He is busy with the Moon as Basyo of

He does not dispose of anybody`s destiny

Just where it appears, all

Occurs as if by itself …
You smile to

, suddenly remembering brilliant “Whiter Shade Of Pale“ and its text. And about all other texts which were not reflected in your own destiny in any way. So why to look for enlightenments there, and together with it - innovations and a miracle - BG today, in 20... it is terrible to tell, 11? It is so good when it is silent. When eleven musicians give an excellent concert with the thought-over program and traditional sufferers at a scene - “We are not such. Hallelujah“. And it is good. Because to try to become such what you were at the first concert of BG - it is impossible. To neither him, nor you. Far more simply from a package of cherries to pull out the lowermost, without having shown the world krovavo - a red hand. watch

I - till we go, we do not give up …

Recently I caught myself on thought that during a present era of superfast informational content the real music has only one way: to remain on the place, continuing to go. Persistently doing that you are able best of all, giving the inner world outside - for anybody without directing. Because today - there is nobody. The one who really needs music sits aside and waits for objective classics of the favourite direction, observing the inventors floating by a miracle - matches and a square wheel, psychologists, managers, prophets, technologists and different a miracle - events. They say that after such period in culture of a civilization usually there comes the Renaissance.

But if it is necessary to run - run, I will not begin to hold

Ya, we will only pour …

Ya - for music. Different. And as I listen to music long ago, to me is quiet at heart because that we have “Aquarium“. More nobody gives such music. There are styles, there are tools and arrangements, voices and bek. But is - “Aquarium“. And therefore - to run to eat where. The next tour round, recitals and of course, new songs which it will be pleasant to fans of group to hear. And after a concert of this season to you ancient expression - “on the leg course“ will surely sink down in memory (here when you descend then you speak). And if you agree that every second the world is only your personal cinema around, you enjoy very much. Well also remember, of course, yourself times of “The train on fire“. And I a little bit will envy you.

Well, Boris Borisovich, on one? On the leg course …

* the Words italicized in the text are direct quotes of new songs of “Aquarium“ “On the leg course“ and “Secret Uzbek“. Songs and the tour schedule of group - in comments.