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On a meeting with fine...

the Kid grow, and together with it his interests “grow“. And if - three-year-old the baby everything that surrounds it, then to four-year age the baby can have favourite hobbies interests two literally. One child gives preference to drawing and in any suitable, and at times, and not the suitable place tries to represent the images which are thought up by it. At other kid musical bents are shown, and he for days on end plays the pipe a children`s pipe or jingles on a toy guitar. At this particular time it is very important not to ruin “on a root“ these addictions of the little esthete, and to start up them in the necessary course for further development.

The first familiarizing

Is well-known that the child from the earliest age should be acquainted with fine. Not for nothing during pregnancy women are recommended to listen to classical music and to avoid meetings with any ugly, repellent images. And it means that mother preserves yet not been born kid against perception of everything that it is unpleasant to see and hear. Of course, it is impossible to save the baby from all negative phenomena of our life, but to acquaint the child with painting, poetry and music, to develop in him sense of beauty - a debt of each parent. Now there are many opportunities to acquaint the child with masterpieces of world culture. But serious works still are difficult perceived four - the five-year-old child, at this age it is possible to offer it simpler models of art and musical creativity. Main - that this acquaintance was various and covered various areas of art.

For a start check the announcement of cultural actions which take place in your city at present. Along with it study repertoire of theaters and concert halls, pick up for visit what suits on age to your kid. Of course, it is very difficult to determine the direction of the offered work only by the poster. But, all - sometimes the name of a concert, exhibition or performance will help you to be defined with the choice. Besides, in playbills, as a rule, together with the name the short characteristic of a performance is given: the drama, the musical comedy or the fairy tale for children. Of course, you choose the fairy tale, but taking into account age of your child. It is unlikely the four-year-old kid will understand the maintenance of the performance “Bluebird of happiness“. And here statement of the fairy tale “Wolf and Seven Kids“ or “Little Red Riding Hood“ will give it a sheer pleasure. If the poster suggests to visit an exhibition of children`s drawing or a concert of children`s choreographic ensemble - safely go together with yours the baby there.

In the world of fine images

you decided to bring together the kid on an exhibition of children`s drawing or, say, animalists. Before an exit explain to the baby, to behave properly during such action. Pictures and drawings should be considered attentively, without allowing excessive noise and loud conversation. During viewing the child can ask the questions interesting him, but only a low voice, without shouts. When you consider pictures, surely read to the baby of their name. So it will be easier for it to understand plots of drawings. Perhaps, some picture will interest him more than others. In this case you do not hurry the kid, and take an interest that was pleasant to him in this picture. Perhaps, the child will call absolutely insignificant detail of drawing. Well, do not disprove his opinion and do not try to impose the. The child expresses the point of view, and it is necessary to reckon with it.

Having come back home, suggest the kid to tell about what was seen to other family members. Ask it to remember names of pictures and their plots. Of course, the baby will hardly remember all variety of an exhibition, but the brightest images will for a long time be postponed in his memory. Perhaps, the child at once to grab paints or pencils and will try to represent independently some plot cast by visit of an exhibition. Support this rush of inspiration and show hot interest in its drawing.

Bright art of the dance

Following Stage of Our Cultural Program - a concert of children`s choreographic ensemble. Before visit preliminary discussion also has to be led. Explain to the child that here he can express more violently the emotions, loudly applauding each number. The cottons he as if thanks actors for well executed dance. Most likely, during a concert it will be difficult for kid to sit still, and it will begin to jump up, tap with legs. It is admissible if does not disturb other audience. In an opposite case softly calm the baby, suggest it to look and remember attentively dances then together to study their houses. These arguments will be able to help the kid to concentrate all attention on concert action. Perhaps, some questions of the child will nonplus the parents unfamiliar with choreography. Just explain to him that the children dancing on a scene were trained at special school where the beautiful dancing movements taught to do them. Also pay attention of the kid to musical accompaniment of dances. At such concert the child has to not only watch a bright dancing show, but also listen to the sounding music. If a concert takes place not under a soundtrack, and under sounding of an orchestra or ensemble, pay attention of the child to the musicians who are on a scene and their tools - it is a concert important part too.

After such colourful show, having come home, recollect the seen dances. Perhaps, the child himself will try to reproduce some dancing movements, showing as children on a scene danced. Encourage the baby cottons and tell that his dance is very similar to speech of actors. Thus, the child will derive additional pleasure from the seen concert.

Sacrament of

A theater now the hobby of the kid - viewing of a doll performance or statement for children. At first you should decide what will watch yours the baby. It is desirable that it was the fairy tale already familiar to the kid. Sometimes happens so that the performance has other name, than the fairy tale according to which it is put. In that case explain to the child that the maintenance of a performance same, as well as at the fairy tale familiar to it. If you go on a performance, the plot put on unknown to the baby, briefly inform him of the contents. It is not necessary to tell in detail a plot from beginning to end. In this case during viewing the child will have no due interest. Just it is better to tell who is the main character of the fairy tale and that will happen to him. For example, you gather for the performance put according to the fairy tale “Puss in Boots“. Your explanation can be such: “In this fairy tale it is told about a clever cat who won against the angry cannibal and helped the owner to grow rich and marry the princess“. Thus, the kid will get acquainted with the main idea and will quickly penetrate into other maintenance of a performance. As for behavior in theater, explain to the child that during game of actors it is necessary to look attentively at a scene, not to spin and not to talk. But in some places all audience claps to express the admiration of game of actors and to thank them for an interesting show. During a performance the kid, most likely, can not keep: to begin to ask you questions and to share impressions. You should answer questions, otherwise he will not understand something and will miss a plot thread. However it is necessary to do it in a whisper. As for impressions, suggest the child to share them at home, in a circle of all family. With confidence it is possible to tell that, having collected the whole audience of attentive listeners, the kid will tell greedily the maintenance of a performance, trying gestures and a mimicry it is fuller to display all picture.