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What vitamin salad the most useful in the spring.

Spring changes in the nature make direct and strong impact on production of hormones of a thyroid gland, adrenal glands and hormones of a hypophysis. It is the reason that many feel inertly in the spring and often are tired, are exposed to the most various stresses. Speak, at this time the organism loses former resistance to influence of cold, dampness and winds owing to what cases of diseases of flu become frequent. With arrival of spring the organism, more than ever in other season, needs minerals and vitamins which would support its tone. For this reason it is very important to use in the spring as the bigger amount of the fruit and vegetables promoting restoration and support of an organism is possible.

As we got used to live beautifully, it is simple to gorge on apples of hardly anyone - that will arrange. Therefore preparation of salads, and vitamin becomes more and more popular. Vitamin salad gives to cheerfulness and energy, and its use reduces every day negative influence of spring to zero. There is a set of recipes of vitamin salads, but the known “Greek salad“ appears the most useful everything at this time.

It is possible to find all in it a set of vitamins necessary in the spring and minerals. Despite the general for all the name, there are many its subspecies and recipes of preparation. But “counter“ of the “Greek“ salad is use in its preparation of Feta cheese. The advantage of the use of such salad is very high: it is enriched with many vitamins, namely vitamin C, and also vitamins of group B and E. Does not lose the “Greek“ salad and on existence in it of minerals, such as Potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and many others.

Besides, vitamin salad differs in low caloric content that cannot but also please, especially in the spring. “Greek“ is very popular at restaurants, but for its preparation in house conditions, the following ingredients will be necessary: besides tomatoes (2 pieces) and a cucumber (one will be enough for the classical recipe), do not forget about a “spring“ vegetable - sweet pepper (also 2 pieces). Of course, this salad is unimaginable without olives. It is desirable that they were without stones - there is no need such surprises in vitamin salad. You need their about a half banks. Feta cheese - an integral part of this salad, but as it enough - salty, be not overzealous. About 10 grams of “Feta“ will be more, than there is enough. To taste and desire it is also possible to add lemon pieces which will impact to salad special specific relish. Remember that what would not be vitamin salad, it has to be made correctly. “Greek“ - not an exception. All hitch consists also that in any a case it is impossible to use usual sunflower oil, namely olive. So, what to do with all these ingredients, full vitamins. It is necessary to cut tomatoes in cubes, and a cucumber - half rings. It is necessary to remove all seeds from pepper then to cut it thin stripes in salad. Butter it is possible to cut on two parts, but as on it there is not always time (and sometimes, and the desire for such business is absent), it is possible to use them entirely. Follows carefully, but accurately to mix all ingredients so that salad did not turn into a small group of the squeezed-out vegetables. After hashing water your vitamin salad with juice of a lemon and enrich it with that vitamin C. Here cunning of preparation of salad, to be exact two. It is necessary to use a little olive oil (2 tablespoons) together with salt and pepper. Feta cheese is cut by cubes and added to salad right at the end.

And a vua - la, vitamin salad under the name “Greek“ - is ready, bon appetit.