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Island economy - what is it? Almost the fairy tale for adults (for the night not to read) Present

, war, for example, with Australia began at us. Or with New Zealand is not essentially. And here the homeland urged us to serve. And what not to serve? Went, we will serve. Also we got to aircraft. Command handed us the YAK remarkable plane - 18. Four-seater.

Sooner or later, but there comes the moment when the homeland sends us for investigation - to fly across the ocean and to look how there with defense capability the situation is.

Took seat us in the plane four: I, you and two near guys from a bezinternetny trans-Ural small village. Departed. But whether we are morons more than thought, whether command did not calculate something, whether and it was necessary - we fall to the Indian Ocean, without having reached: gasoline came to an end.

Flopped. Well, water lukewarm, here it is only boring somehow and spark fins are seen closer and closer. Oh, the island invitingly in the blue sky raskoryachitsya by palm trees - we float there. Reached. Uninhabited The sand is white, the sun puziko heats - in general everything excellent.

But it is necessary to be equipped somehow on a new PERMANENT RESIDENCE because we know precisely - nobody will look for us, at fatherland such as we, fully. We consider assets: I have waterproof electronic clock with the calculator, you have a gun (just forgot to throw out this piece of iron), and two near trans-Ural guys have no horse-radish.

On the ground that you the owner of the gun, you declare that you - the power, the guarantor of the constitution (which right there on a palm leaf we write), and who does not agree, cartridges will be enough for all. Shoots - the gun after bathing in sea water does not shoot, nobody knows, but there is a wish to check something to nobody.

And as only I have a calculator, I declare that I will be emission center of our new island state. Central Bank, perhaps. What is it, nobody plainly knows therefore all agree. I right there secure a monopoly on production of money, that is on drawing a tsifirok and a scribble on the torn-off palm sheets, and you, wagging with the gun, this right is indulgent you confirm.

Everything, somehow decided on signs of a civilization and normal modern society, it is necessary to continue to be equipped further. One near guy goes to catch fish, another climbs on a palm tree behind cocoes. I start production of money, and you, having put a pestle under the head, indulge in luxury and inaction.

Through some time guys with cocoes and fish come back. You right there take away from them a half, having called it taxes, and I take away the second half, having handed them palm leaflets with my scribble. They, naturally, are hungry and dissatisfied. You climb behind the gun again, and I convincingly smiling, I suggest to visit my shop. In assortment cocoes and fresh-caught fish of the highest quality. Any chemistry and GMO - everything exclusively natural. They agree to buy, but as the price is more than the sum, held by them, I am willingly ready to lend to them money under 20% per annum.

The unsophisticated reader will tell that we are extremists, and the trans-Ural guys of a debiloida, but this statement can be made only from near mind or because of full, inoperable mental retardation is a model of existence of any modern civilized state. I - provided national economy with a lawful instrument of payment, you - acted as the guarantor of legality and prevented anarchy, and the trans-Ural guys are the people in whose interests all this, as a matter of fact, and becomes.

But we go further. In the morning, having risen with the rumpled sides, you draw a conclusion that to sleep on a sand not really - that and is comfortable. The people were arranged rather normally - to itself broke soft branches, at me too everything is good - I on the money created from nothing just bought from them pleasant shalashik. You demand to construct same and to you, but guys something do not aspire this requirement to execute and begin to grumble. You were already going to climb behind the gun, but I convince you that you should not create a revolutionary situation, and they can just pay work. On what it is willingly ready to hand you necessary quantity of money on credit under a ridiculous rate, we will tell 5% per annum. As executed, having fixed as appropriate on the next palm leaf. Therefore you had a residence, and I have documentary fixed monetary state obligations.

Quickly the fairy tale affects and not quickly serious work is done Our two natives already work from a decline till the dawn just for food as them collected / caught you withdraw part as taxes, part I withdraw as percent on the credits, and the rest I just depreciate, pouring in our island economy in parties of the next, not provided, palm leaves with a scribble. Money, that is. And what to do? We a civilized society - in a different way in any way. But and results it is available: we have smart offices - residences on North side of the island, remarkable bungalows on South side, and even the government route connecting them. Capitalization of the country pryot uphill. And people And what people? It is

I here you decide that came it is a high time to get voyenno - navy. Any personal interests - only for increase of defense capability of the country. For what a beret at me properly it we fix the next credit under 5% which I easily draw because I already got the hand on a scribble, and you send our vigorous natives to bring down the thickest palm tree and to do of it to pie. Generously you pay work, without having forgotten to withdraw the main part of money back in a type of tax.

Time goes, work is humming, the economy still pryot, GDP reads off scale. And here, as always it is imperceptible, date of return of the credits creeps. I have watch not just with the calculator, there also the calendar card is available. I - to you. You say that supposedly there is no money, it is necessary to wait. I refuse to wait. You to me in a face tycht a pestle. I pretend what is terribly terrible, agrees to wait how many it is necessary, but at the same time I say that I will be in that case forced to receive half-received from the people - our vigorous trans-Ural natives: they too money have to me.

You understand that revolution nafig is not necessary, and are already inclined to dialogue. We agree. As you really have no money (and it is correct from where they will undertake - I repeatedly did not give them to you yet), I agree to take property. You, of course, jack up the huge price, thinking that I will come off. And horse-radish there - I to myself money draw, I do not care, how many a scribble to draw, and I easily agree.

Result :

- all real estate of the island mine;

- it is unknown working or not the gun - my property, but being at your disposal as the instrument of law enforcement and a law and order;

- voyenno - too wash navy of the island, but I am ready according to the first requirement to allow you to drive on it;

- part of collected cocoes together with the hooked fish, on the next years 500, too mine.

In other words, in our island state there was a crisis. And I go on the island, 150 meters from the North to the South and 90 meters from the West on the East, is the loudest to a shouting and I am indignant. But crisis is crisis, there`s nothing to be done. For overcoming of its consequences I agree to issue you still the credit under the same 5% per annum, but for a large sum; to the people he agrees to record the added percent and to renew them the new credit agreement: palm trees on our island - not schitano, and leaves at them - well be just filled up!

If the war mentioned in the beginning ends and our island will be incidentally come across by the ship, chock-full lawyers and economists, then they will confirm validity and legality of all aforesaid (the question of initial territorial accessory of the island is deliberately lowered), and we will be joyfully met by all progressive international public and the UN.

It, of course, if on our island oil is not found. But it already another story altogether...