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Why people think that Earth flat?

the Party of Flat Earth always was rather numerous. Its age is same what age of all mankind - as soon as appeared the first scientist who claimed that it is more convenient to get fruits by means of a stick, than just to climb on trees, right there was a first party member of Flat Earth claiming that it is much better to climb on trees so not only fruits are got, but also good physical shape is kept.

At first people believed that Earth - flat, and all who dared to consider that it not so, was ostracized. Then were sure that it is the center of the Universe. And so on. Delusions of mankind can be listed long. The general in all these mistakes one: once you were approved in some next “infallible“ truth, the organization which main objective was to preserve this truth against the slightest encroachments was immediately created. That is - the next party of Flat Earth.

If you think that the holy inquisition was the most aggressive representative of party of Flat Earth, then it is a mistake. Now in many countries of the world including in Russia, the committees on a pseudo science headed by dear scientists, academicians etc. work. They tremblingly monitor all researches which can shake the existing theories which already received the status of Absolute Truth. Having found those, immediately declare them a pseudo science, authors - charlatans and illiterate half-educated persons (not only the school teachers trying to calculate the extending Universe on a piece of paper but also the academicians who dared to create the theory of the field got to this category). And still it is unknown who is more cruel: the holy inquisition with its Spanish boots or present committees on a pseudo science with their defamation and a pelting dirt.

And all experience of a human civilization literally shouts that today`s Absolute Truth can be Unambiguous Delusion or as a last resort the Special Case applicable in limited number of circumstances tomorrow.

It is interesting that recently the party of Flat Earth actively is replenished with new members. If at the end of XIX - the beginning of the XX centuries people welcomed development of science, admired each scientific achievement, then now it is possible to observe the return process: once the message appears about any next scientific achievement, right there begin to speak about charlatanism. And it is not only about present branch of the holy inquisition, and about the ordinary people who are reading now and then scientifically - popular articles and, at first sight, vividly interested in various problems in celestial scientific heights.

Carelessly confusing telomeres with telomerazy, such party members of Flat Earth declare that immortality is impossible - modern (!) the science did not open yet an effective way to bypass the natural counter of years, therefore is in principle (!) it is impossible! The Universe cannot be infinite as for a long time it is proved that it - extends (as a last resort - contracts). The theory of the field - nonsense, fabrications of uneducated people. And in general, the world occurred from monkeys as Darwin told. You do not agree with Darwin? What horror! You just do not know elementary fundamentals of biology. Go, read textbooks.

Party members of Flat Earth are very sure of themselves, of the knowledge, of absolute illiteracy of opponents. They undertake to predict development of science for the millennia forward - it is very simple, all main discoveries, in their opinion, are already made. They even do not assume thought that tomorrow any discovery which will turn all system of outlook existing at present can be made - and in the past such opening happened (for example, opening of that fact that Earth nevertheless round). But that was in the past, and now everything has to be static, immovable and … it is reliable.

Here in it is that everything and business. In reliability. In tranquility. In fear.

All unfamiliar - frightens. The stranger is practically always equated to the enemy - so far he will not prove the return. All new - is dangerous. Therefore much more reliably and more quietly to stop. No outstanding opening are necessary. It is not necessary to break the existing system of outlook and attitude. And that you never know - suddenly will jump out of a break Bouck - from - the Case, that by which in the childhood frightened the disobedient child.

And the fact that the fear Beeches - from - the Case - all unclear, strange, unfamiliar and new - became more active recently, absolutely explainably. There are too much technogenic accidents, it is too much various weapon which is capable to take down not only the city - another, but also all planet, and even all Solar system. It is too much dangers in the modern world, beginning from superfast cars and finishing with nuclear warheads. It is too much crashing planes and acts of terrorism … And here if technologies - science and equipment - stood still, it would be much quieter to live. It is better to go by horses, but not to expect each five minutes to itself on the head Fukushima or the psychopath driving the powerful car.

The yesterday`s children frightened of Buka - from - the Case, grew up, became adults. But still apply an old, kind way of disposal of fear: hide with the head under a blanket. A reliable technique - if you do not see to Bouck, then he cannot notice you, and time will not notice, then will not eat.

One trouble - the Beech - from - the Case can be guided not only by means of sight, it has a set of various sense organs, and the blanket will not save from him. So, maybe, it is better not to try to take cover with the head, and to try to study this to Bouck. Perhaps it not such and dangerous. And if dangerous - it is so quite good to learn its weak places. If not to study, he and will gobble up, together with a blanket. And fear - the bad assistant in everything, including in rescue from Beeches.