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Ladies` man. To execute it is impossible to pardon?

my neigbour Inna Albertovna live with the husband of already kind thirty years - her well for fifty, and it and has more than that. Years in marriage were given it not easy: the matter is that her husband, the slender teacher of university, from first months of a marriage it is regular and with enviable constancy cuckolds to her - each inhabitant of the house knows of it is younger 85 (at this age well if you know what is your surname) and 6 years are more senior.

For the third month of marriage Andrey Mikhaylovich (so call nowadays gray-haired Casanova) without memory fell in love in 18 - the summer shop assistant of a bakery shop. The air blonde with blue eyes read two in book life, first of which was “Bukvaryom“, and the second, for certain, the instruction to use of the washing machine, and the intellectual, understood the graduate student Andrey through the word. However poor mental capacities of the soul mate not too afflicted the lover, and he honestly described to the wife a situation - without Alechka (Manechki, Irochki) I cannot, I ask freedoms and I hurry repeatedly in a registry office. The indignant cries of relatives and timely pregnancy of the wife did not allow a young family to break up. Andryusha with tears (absolutely sincere!) said goodbye to blue-eyed Alechkaya and asked not to remember it with the evil.

The second time the passion visited it in a couple of years, this time his heart was enslaved by the colleague. Andrey was going to abandon Inna Albertovna again and to marry the mistress, but here ways were followed by her husband. Having weighed all pros and cons, the lady decided to remain in a family bosom about what it was kindly asked by the spouse. The abandoned lover started wandering in the right not closed embraces of the wife Inna.

The third time, on the seventh year of marriage, Andrey left to the teacher of own daughter, the effective southerner with smart hair. More precisely, was going to leave - at this moment it became clear that his mother is seriously ill, and any stress can lead to a lethal outcome. Andrey`s mother died in 3 years. The beloved, having waited two, despaired and accepted the proposal of the old admirer then went with it to other city.

More Andrey did not leave a family. Perhaps, solved - not on the cards, and can … It is often seen with pretty students. He likes to go on vacation one. Also goes. And in the neighboring house there lives a boy amazingly similar to Andrey Mikhaylovich. As it became clear, with his mother they “old acquaintances and partners in tennis“. Still he is a careful husband and the father of big family - on its twist of fate and in a family surround only women (the wife, two daughters and three granddaughters). And Andrey Mikhaylovich gives to Inna Albertovna on each wedding anniversary fine jewelry. At it, it is necessary to tell, obvious taste and thirst for beauty.

We call such men “dogs“, ladies` men, rakes (there are some more names, but they, alas, beyond standard lexicon). We pray that (and to ourselves) such did not get to our daughters in husbands. It is worth noticing that Andrey Mikhaylovich not the so worst representative of this look. I think, it is simply executed love, admiration and respect for the Woman so that is not able to spend them for only one wife.

It did not humiliate any of “fairies“. He did not lie to none of them and in vain promised nothing. At first even, how the decent and well-mannered man, all tried to marry - unless it is the villain`s portrait? Do we have the moral right to condemn the person for the fact that he is not able to love one woman and does not want to lie to himself? It is necessary to tell, difficult questions, about it there is a lot of theories: who says that it is descended from the father to the son, someone claims that to all fault children`s and teenage injuries and complexes …

Are the interesting classification dividing ladies` men into two categories: “kazanova“ and “philanderers“. If you remember, the difference between these two ladies` men was basic. Casanova was just from the same breed, as my acquaintance Andrey Mikhaylovich. He idolized women, extolling each of them, and just could not deprive the weaker sex of similar pleasure for the sake of one and only. Don Juan, unlike the colleague, just ego-tripped by the woman`s gain, she to it was uninviting. Having achieved her love and submission, the artful temper left it - cold, cruelly and roughly.

That the most sad, in our society for some reason philanderers meet more often. Psychologists say that similar men grow up from the offended little boys. The unhealthy relations in a family can be the reasons of complexes (for example if mother left a family or paid not enough attention to the child from - for stormy private life), several serious failures in a row in the relations with girls, lack of man`s education and blind love - worship from mother and the grandmother (the consumer attitude towards the woman in principle is developed). In other words, philanderers are the most diffident men who need to prove to themselves that they really cost something and something can. And women … They are important only quantitatively as the won medals.

As for cauldrons, it is difficult to hate them. Even to own wives who are constantly washing off lipstick traces on cuffs. As one wise woman told, Casanova is good on the bank of the southern sea, especially after difficult divorce - he will force you to feel young, desired and fine again. However after the best exit will begin “to leave the unfinished novel in park on a bench“. Among cauldrons many creative persons are Alexander Pushkin, Andron Konchalovsky, Victor Hugo, Mikhail Kozakov … Perhaps, and your talented, charming and windy beloved will devote to your name verses, music, the short story, the movie.

My neighbor Andrey Mikhaylovich is still young and attractive so as early as years five Inna Albertovna will listen to a gossip of neighbors behind the back and all girlfriends will be indulgently feel sorry for her. But she - that knows: she was lucky to be married to the real man - clever, noble and talented. And it it is permissible to forgive to weakness. As they say, at everyone the destiny and the cross.