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What parents need to know sending children to the USA for the summer on Work and Travel?

Who such “sponsor“?

The congress of the USA establishes quotas for participants of the Work and Travel USA program (that is how many the person can go according to this program). About this quantity it is reported to sponsors worldwide, and they are engaged in distribution of quotas. The US State department gives to sponsors such quantity of the DS 2019 forms which corresponds to quantity of quotas. The sponsor is the organization providing not financial aid, but rather documentary in our terminology - that is, they help from America with receipt of a visa J - 1. Also sponsors are obliged to monitor observance of rules of the program by the employer and to give support taking part in the program.

About the DS form - 2019

DS Form - is 2019 that document by means of which the participant of the program can confirm the belonging to the program. This form grants the right to address for the visa J - 1 therefore it is called still “the visa document“. In it personal information of the student, time period allowed the participant of the program for work in the USA have to be specified (it is no more, than 4 months - work). During the fifth month designated by Grace Period, the participant of the program is not allowed to work, it is possible to travel around the country (onlytravel) only. The DS form - works 2019 the same period of time, as well as Job Offer.

What Job Offer means?

Job Offer is a document, one of the main for the participant of the Work and Travel USA program. In it are specified: payment, vacancy, the employer, the place of work of the participant to the USA, the description of work, and also contact information of the employer. Also some other additional data concerning work can be specified. Job Offer from the American employer - the obligatory document for receipt of a visa in the U.S. Embassy.

About Grace Period

After period of validity of the DS form - 2019 ends, the participant has the right to remain in the USA for 30 - dnevny term for closing of the affairs and the organization of the return, and also for travel (the truth, participants are forbidden to leave the territory of the USA). The status is automatically lost by J - 1 them, mo there are they cannot work during this period of time any more. An opportunity to travel within a month to participants of the program is provided by the Immigration service and Naturalizations of the USA (Immigration and Naturalization Service). During all this a line participants are under jurisdiction of this service.

Visa J - 1 and J - 1 Exchange Visitor Visa.

The visa J - 1 for participants of programs of an exchange (J - 1 Exchange Visitor Visa) is a full, correct name for the visa of the students going to the USA according to the Work & Travel program. This visa gives you the chance of entrance on the territory of the USA if you the participant of any program of an exchange. It is obligatory for all participants of Work & Travel USA, and also other programs of an exchange as CampUSA, InternshipUSA, AuPairUSA. For receipt of a visa it is necessary to have the DS form - 2019 which proves your participation in the program. It is possible to hear that J - 1 Exchange Visitor Visa is sponsored by the organization giving the DS form - 2019. In shape the period of finding of the participant in the territory of the USA and how many it can work whereas the visa J - 1 confirms the status of the participant is specified (that is that it really is the participant of one of programs of an exchange).

What is the SEVIS system?

Studentand Exchange Visitor Information System - in abbreviated form SEVIS - the computerized system where register, coordinate, trace and consider participants of programs for an exchange (with the visa J - 1), school students and students of universities (with visas J - 1, F - 1) which are in the territory of the USA. The SEVIS system on the Internet informs Immigration and Naturalization Service and Department of State on dates of arrival and departure of participants of programs, on where he lives, works, also has to be transmitted through system about any changes in the program. To use the services SEVIS, it is necessary to pay 35 dollars. Each participant of the program independently has to be registered in system. For registration it is required to specify the personal information, residence and the place of work. It is necessary to be registered no later than in 20 days after the DS form - is 2019 begins to work, but it is OBLIGATORY in the territory of the USA any more, and in any way not earlier than entrance on the territory.

For what I is necessary - 94 CARD?

It is the card which is issued to foreign citizens on the plane, at transatlantic flight. It is urged to consider arrival and departure of the citizens who are temporarily in the territory of the USA. From you it will be taken at entrance on immigration control: officer of service state. safety will attach it to the page of your international passport, will put on it a stamp of Duration of Status (duration of action of your status) and will prescribe J - 1. It will be your permission to stay in the territory of the USA during the program of an exchange. When you come back home, from you this card will be taken away by employees of airline and will send in service state. safety. There on it have to register your departure - timely or not.

How SSN is deciphered?

SSN is a reduction from Social Security Number, the number consisting of 9 figures, specified on the Social Security card. It will be necessary to you at employment and for opening of the bank account in the USA. It is given once and forever for all legally working in the USA - and, both for citizens of the USA, and for citizens of other countries. On it from workers taxes keep. Restoration of a card after loss is possible, but number of a new card will be same, as well as previous. Each participant of the program has to make a card to himself after he is registered in the SEVIS system. For this purpose the participant personally addresses to one of offices of Social Security, addresses of their offices can be found in the Internet on their website. The card 2 - becomes 4 weeks and then comes by mail to the address to the USA which you will specify (it has to be the address of your residence or the employer`s address).