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How it is possible to make the translation of the foreign text, without knowing a foreign language?

Some translators to emphasize importance of the profession at once flatly will declare that it is simply impossible and the person did not develop yet the program which was able to translate at the highest level as it is done by professional translators. The element of truth, in it, undoubtedly, is, but it is not necessary and to do from a fly of an elephant and to exaggerate. Development of the software happens in high gear and, nearly, an every day there are novelties, noteworthy and respect as allow to make quickly and quickly a transfer of the text without oversights. But in life there are different situations when you need to translate something urgently. Here, for example, you wanted to receive the original Japanese recipe of making sushi (well you do not believe that at the Japanese restaurants they are trained exactly as that is demanded by preparation process), that independently and correctly to prepare a dish, having pleased, thus, the family. And here, having visited the Japanese website, you feverishly try to find out something, but everything is nasty - the hieroglyphic letter dements you and the desire to do sushi somewhere slowly vanishes. For such cases the online translator by means of which it is possible to translate not only the text, but also even whole a web - pages is provided. It means that the translator will translate you all website completely, and you without effort will be able to obtain any, information interesting you. The most famous such translator (who would doubt!) great and mighty Google - the Translator is. To use it, it is enough to click on the bookmark “language tools“ on the searcher and further the window with the simple and clear interface and hints will be highlighted what to do farther. Advantages of the above-mentioned translator is the fact that he allows if not really in details then in general to capture an essense of the text and is multilingvalny - makes a transfer on all most widespread and modern languages. But besides Google - the Translator, there is still simply a mass of the most various: from translators of words of the general lexicon to very narrow-purpose thematic translators. That is, the translation of the text with or on a foreign language stopped being a problem. Though is not present if it happened, then people - translators would lose the earnings. So from this it is necessary to draw a conclusion that to learn foreign languages everything - is necessary, but all languages cannot simply be learned so in this case you will be helped by a translation program. By itself it is clear that you all - should make some changes in the translated option that the sense was clear, but it is easy to make it, it is only enough to read attentively the text and to make corrections. But if the text serious and important - for example some legal contract with the foreign company - here already an online translator not to manage, such text demands the translation with a surgical accuracy, otherwise it can be fraught with the most different consequences, and not only legal. In that case, the most reasonable decision will be will address the professional translator - then you obtain both a guarantee and the document which certifies authenticity of the translation. Unfortunately or, maybe, fortunately, technologies did not reach that level yet completely to replace the person in translation process. But if you look for something in the informative purposes in the Internet and you need to translate something, then it is possible (it is even necessary!) to safely use an online translator. So now you a little bit know

about translation process more, and you cannot translate that it is necessary for you.