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Windows 7 - cunnings and secrets of use

of Windows 7 belongs to operating systems of new generation from the Microsoft company. It opens new opportunities before its users and allows to carry out daily tasks even quicker and more simply, than earlier. The reliable and checked Windows Vista became the base for Windows 7. Thanks to it Windows 7 differs in also increased safety and more and more improved functions concerning work in a network. Difference of this program among other things is also its high efficiency. The novelty possesses advanced navigation, the new panel of tasks and the upgraded interface. With Windows 7 houses and out of it, more than ever will be employed so many opportunities. Entertainments it will not offend the consumers too. Despite all usability of Windows 7, this program stores in itself a number of certain cunnings, knowing about which it is possible to simplify and improve very work with the computer on which the new program from Microsoft is installed. Perhaps, we will miss such cunnings and secrets which the user finds itself, intuitively, at first works with Windows 7. So, cunning under the name “Fast Call of Programs“. For those programs which are most often started it is possible to establish “hot keys“ on an application launch. That to carry out it, it is necessary to create only an appendix label then to come into its properties on the Label tab, there is a line “Fast Call“. In it it is necessary to gather a combination of keys for this program. The second cunning concerns login. This control will give to your operating room of systems even more “identity“ and originality. For change of a type of the screen at login, work with the register is necessary. For this purpose it is necessary to start regedit and to pass into HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. In Current Version there is a section “Background“ in which it is necessary to create such parameter as DWORD - OEMBackground. In it for the desirable the result just needs to be changed value of parameter. But for the image there are several conditions. In - the first, it has to be in

of Jpg - a format which size will not exceed the 256th kilobyte. Do not forget to reboot after replacement of the image. the Following control will please with

the travelers and people who are often in business trips for which change of time zones plays an important role. So, Windows 7 has a possibility of installation of several time zones in a system tray. For this purpose will be to click enough a mouse on hours in a system tray and to select the “Change of Settings of Date and Time“ item, where to go to the Additional Hours tab. Then it is necessary to choose and establish time zones necessary for you.

Repeatedly, for certain, was necessary to rename several files that terribly exhausted. But everything changes with Windows 7 in which there is such opportunity. Actually, it was present still Windows HR, but very few people heard about it. So at the same time to rename group of files on Windows 7, it is necessary to select group of files which you want to rename in “Conductor“ and after a chink of the right button of a mouse (or the F2 keys), to select the Rename item. Further it is necessary to enter the general part of a name for this group of files. Agree, very convenient thing, especially when it is necessary to do such operation without special expenses of time. Exists, of course and it is a lot of other features of use of Windows 7 which can be described infinitely, but everything they are gathered in the book “Windows 7 tips & tricks“. Pleasant use of Windows 7!