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How it is good to look in the spring when hot?

Sunny and hot weather can be pleasant to you, but not be pleasant to your skin: there are many problems, and so there are a wish to have good appearance in independence of weather conditions! Well, it can achieve if …

- to use the matting napkins. They are impregnated with tonic therefore clean a greasy luster and clear skin. Using them as required, you can avoid emergence of heat-spots and black points which appear owing to pollution of skin.

- to wipe in the morning face skin with ice. In - the first, it awakens and remarkably refreshes. In - the second if to prepare ice from camomile broth, for example, that this procedure will have also medicinal properties, the camomile will fight against the reddenings which arose in a night.

- to sprinkle the person thermal water. Choose such which will not allow your make-up “to begin to flow“. Thermal water will moisten skin, it is especially important for those who work at offices with conditioners or for owners of dry skin.

- is correct to moisten skin. In the summer skin needs moistening. Therefore pick up the good moisturizing night cream.

- for bigger comfort pass into hot time for a wax epilation. It will be possible to wear quietly undershirts on shoulder-straps and short dresses. Only do not forget to prepare correctly skin for an epilation and it is correct to look after her after procedure.

- pick up a good deodorant with a light smell. From a heavy smell the head, both at you, and at your colleagues can ache. You should not apply spirits on skin: if on this site the sun gets, there can be pigmentary spots. - be not painted with

too brightly. Refuse foundation and dark tones. Better choose an easy lip gloss and light shadows for eyes. Remember that experts do not advise to use opaque lipsticks and gloss in hot time.

- do not forget to drink enough water in days. By the way, it well influences not only your health, but also a condition of your skin and a metabolism. To grow thin, drinking so much water in day, it will become much easier. Constantly you carry with yourself a mineral water small bottle - she will help you to cope with difference of temperatures at an exit from the subway to the street, for example.

- to take a shower twice a day. Pores have to be cleaned after the working day. He is better to take a contrast shower, as we know, stimulates blood circulation.

- use vegetables and fruit more: do not give any chance to avitaminosis!

- a corporal tone can excite you most strongly in a threshold of a swimming season so think of that type of physical activity which gives you pleasure. Dances, kik - a boksing, swimming, walks in the fresh air? Choose, and do not forget to be engaged regularly. - turn

attention to hats: not only the fashion, but also the hot sun have to force you to carry them.

- pick up masks, suitable to your face type. They will help to cope with problems of your skin. 1 - 2 times a week should be spent till 20 minutes of the time for return to skin of freshness, healthy color and a look.

- we do not forget about vitamins. Vegetables and fruit can not be enough for your organism, or they can contain insufficient amount of some concrete vitamins. You should not complicate a condition of an organism in the spring also shortage of so important vitamins as A, E, C therefore it is better to spend on drink a rate of vitamins.

- do not forget about regular, annual visit of doctors. Whether long ago you were at the gynecologist, at the cosmetologist? It is worth allocating this time for itself and to take care of the health, beauty without health does not happen. - do not save

on a dream. This economy can only backfire.

- remember clothes: in hot time put on clothes from natural fabrics, and your skin will feel comfortable.

- well and, of course, do not forget about good rest! Overloading an organism, you do it “ill turn“.

Good luck to you!