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Vladimir heavy truck. From where it is horses powerful?

After the termination of the first course of agricultural academy sent us for practice in educational economy.

The first whom I saw, having gone out of the bus, there was a huge bay stallion in white socks standing who is grazed on a meadow. In it there was so much grace, beauty and improbable power that wanted to be looked at it infinitely.

Naturally, I could not but closer approach. With my low growth (156 cm) the horse seemed me the real giant. I could reach its withers, having only got up on tiptoe. And his hoofs were size about a soup plate!

Having looked at me from - under dense bangs kind glazishcha, the stallion carefully and as it seemed to me, indulgently took a piece of bread from a palm (we had to live in the hostel therefore we took with ourselves products). It was unusually exciting - to stand near a huge good-natured being. It is a pity that with itself there was no camera … Already then the groom uncle Mischa told

to me that it is a stallion of breed the Vladimir heavy truck by nickname … Kid! Probably, those who so called it with sense of humour had everything as it should be.

I remembered this case because recently on the TV showed a plot about this truly Russian breed of horses.

In the center of Russia, in 80 kilometers from “the city of brides“ - Ivanova, in the ancient Russian city of Gavrilovom Posada already more than 400 years are engaged in cultivation of tyazheloupryazhny breeds of horses. Of course, the municipal coat of arms is decorated with the reared figure of a horse, just the same, as on 25 - a meter spike of the main building of a stable.

Gavrilovo`s history - Posadsky stud originates since Ivan the Terrible`s reign. Horses of heavy, powerful addition were always in demand in Russia. Such horses were selected, first of all, for military business. Ivan the Terrible, being a big fan of beautiful and mighty horses, managed to lay the strong foundation for domestic horse breeding.

The stable was completely reconstructed in the 18th century, to be exact in 1785, under Catherine II`s decree. The empress perfectly understood that not to do the Russian army without hardy and unpretentious horses in any way - sloggers.

The white stone building built on the project of the architect Alexey Vershilov looks rather as fortress - with small windows - loopholes and walls nearly 50 - centimetric thickness. Length of one pass of a stable in which there are stalls reaches 400 meters.

There “lived“ 334 horses whom 90 equerries looked after. To comparison: today in stalls there are 180 horses and 20 foals (all of the class “Elite“), and 7 people look after them all …. All processes - manure cleaning, feeding, cleaning of horses - at all did not change since the time of Ivan the Terrible and are carried out only manually.

With arrival of the Soviet power the need for draft horses not only did not decrease, and on the contrary, increased every year. Strong and hardy horses were required for the young country (remember from the textbook of history what grandiose buildings were conducted those years!) . And in villages such “Sivki - Felt cloaks“ were not superfluous. Collective-farm lands were processed mainly by means of horsepowers.

Both during the Great Patriotic War, and after its termination these hard workers did not “do nothing“, were irreplaceable assistants on fields and buildings, on farms, plants, factories.

Work on removal of the Vladimir tyazheloupryazhny breed began in the late twenties of the XX century, in 1946 breed was registered officially. As a result of crossing of hardy local horses with the English heavy breeds (kleydestalyam and shayram) pride of domestic horse breeding - the real Russian horses - the athletes capable to get moving forward to 13 tons of freight was received and to plow nearly earth hectare in a day! At the same time residents of Vladimir are unpretentious in contents and rather seldom are ill.

Bay giants and with kind eyes won white socks at many Russian and World Fairs more than once and established a little still whom not broken records. In 1968 a bay stallion Grozny in 4 minutes and 21 seconds (at a trot!) transported freight in 1,5 tons on two kilometers. In 1988 a stallion by nickname the Singer overcame the same two kilometers and with freight of the same weight in 12 minutes and 24 seconds, having set up a record of movement of freights at a slow pace.

But why breed was called “the Vladimir heavy truck“, but not gavrilovo - posadsky or Ivanovo? All the matter is that till 1924 the city of Gavrilovo - the Posad and all its area were a part of the Vladimir province, here and the stable was called Vladimir, the name of breed from here.

The Vladimir heavy trucks - the largest of similar domestic breeds. Stallions growth to 165 cm, a mare to 163 cm in withers, with “a graceful leg“ with a pyasta grasp in 23-25 cm, (for an example, at a saddle horse the grasp of a pyasta makes 19-20 cm). The weight of an adult stallion can reach 750 kg, “slightly - it is slightly less kobylka“ - only 685 kg. Color of breed mostly bay, with white socks and white marks on the head. Meets both red and black colors is, however, much more rare. At them a magnificent and dense mane, a bang and a tail.

The movements of the Vladimir heavy trucks differ in vigor and graces are not deprived.

Here truly, a horse runs - the earth shivers, is told about Vladimir Sivkakh - Felt cloaks, the step at them is equal to two meters in length.

With such huge growth and improbable force the Vladimir heavy trucks have mild good-natured character and will never offend the person or any other, weaker being.

On an uchkhozovsky stable except the Kid there lived some more horses. In the same place the cat, the ordinary not purebred pussycat, greyish striped lived. Called her, in my opinion, Muska, and there was she a recognized krysolovka. Actually, therefore it was also held on a stable. Why Muska chose as housing a stall of the Kid, unclear, but she slept there, and played with the caught production too there.

And still Muska, as well as it is necessary to a decent cat, regularly gave birth to kittens, and it is exclusive in a stall of the Kid. It was necessary to see with what care the stallion put the huge hoofs, stepping through the playing kids. Never it stepped on a kitten, is even unintentional. The cat became impudent to such an extent that was arranged to sleep in a feeding trough of the Kid, and that patiently waited when their “fluffy“ majesty sleeps. Sometimes the groom had to expel the smart aleck that the stallion at last ate.

Nearly an every day I came to a stable, helped to look after horses and drove the Kid on a watering place to the lake. It was wonderful time, but as all good, and it flew by incredibly quickly.

All subsequent practicians we saw off in an uchkhoza too, and in vain say that at horses memory short: The kid perfectly remembered me.

Unfortunately, then the bay handsome and all uchkhozovsky horses sold, outside stood hungry 90 - e, there was nothing to feed them. It is necessary to hope that the destiny of this remarkable representative of the Vladimir heavy trucks developed successfully, and he was lucky with new owners.

And thank God that else there are such places as Gavrilovo - Posadsky stud where at the professional and very responsible level are engaged in preservation of horses - athletes - the Vladimir heavy trucks.