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How to eat on - Chinese?

Within several millennia in China were considered and it is considered still that the healthy nutrition is one of the most important elements of a healthy lifestyle and good health, and also prevention of diseases. According to the Chinese wise men, diseases come not only from - for improper feeding, but also from - for physical inactivity, bad thoughts, bad habits etc. Diseases do not arise incidentally - they have property to collect in the person a long time.

In the 21st century people consume a lot of food, stimulating appetite. It leads to the fact that the person eats more, than it is necessary for his organism. From - for it and the excess weight, a bad dream, pessimism and depressions.

Chinese developed an own power supply system and lives follow the philosophy, do not suffer from excess weight and feel remarkably. So why not to take advice of this power supply system?

As the majority of us perfectly know, according to the Chinese tradition, everything is divided into “yin“ and “˙í“. “Yin“ - energy of a body which is directed outside, and “˙í“ - the energy of spirit directed inside. In food balance of these energiya is important i.e. if in an organism the surplus of “yin“ - is noted excess weight and if a surplus “˙í“ - excessive leanness.

To balance energy of a body and energy of spirit, it is necessary to use the following power supply system - system “50 - 30 - 10 - 10“.

50% of a diet - grain products. Grain and cereals have to become a basis of a diet of the person who decided to eat properly. They give necessary amount of energy to an organism and are the most balanced food.

30% of a diet - fruit and vegetables. the Most important condition - all vegetables and fruit eaten have to be grown up by all means in the district, where do you live, and according to a season. But not all fruits of the nature can be used in unlimited number. The products possessing energy of “yin“ (vegetable marrows, tomatoes, potatoes, grapes, beet) should be eaten very little, and possessing energy “˙í“ (apples, cabbage, a garden radish, carrots, garlic, plums, sour berries) it is necessary to eat to the people wishing to grow thin.

10% of a diet - seafood and bean. These products possess energy of “yin“, but they are necessary as a part of a daily diet as they partially replace meat which to the use is every day not recommended.

10% of a diet - drinks and additions to the main products. From drinks recommend black and green teas, simple water, i.e. liquids which possess energy of spirit. But it is necessary to use them without sugar and honey possessing energy of “yin“. And various spices (sea salt, natural mustard, greens, not refined oils), dairy products (kefir and curdled milk), dried fruits and nuts belong to additions. All this can be used, but only in limited quantity.

In general these products can be eaten in unlimited number, observing proportions, but all - for an organism and good health should be not overeaten and eaten when it deystvitelnokhochtsya. If you are not ready to refuse absolutely meat products, use them at least not every day and very few.

Such power supply system will revitalize an organism, will improve mood, will increase working capacity and quality of life. You will feel ease in all body and if you add physical exercises, then you will quickly shape up and keep it for many years.