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Fungus on tile seams. How to remove? You noticed

? There passes time - and seams between a tile in kitchen or in a bathroom become dirty. Limy deposits, the remains of shampoos and cleaners, drops of fat and humidity happen the reason of it usually. From - for it in seams the fungus is got, and it is not so simple to fight against it. How to remove the fungus which appeared between tiles what for this purpose it is possible to apply means and ways?

We will begin with the simplest. If seams between a tile in a bathroom or in kitchen began to look rather dirty or gray, apply on them with a sponge or a rigid brush a cleaner for removal of fat and a limy raid like CILIT or CIF. Wash out tiles in 5-7 minutes water. If pollution remained, then, alas, it is, apparently, a fungus. Its cleaners you will not take.

If problem zones of pollution by a fungus are small also them a little, then it is possible to use in this situation the special covering felt-tip pen with waterproof dye (for example, Edding). That is just to cover with it the available pollution. The decision is fast, but, certainly, short-lived.

When blackness only appeared, it is possible to try to use chlorine-containing means, for example the Whiteness. And what to do when the situation is strongly started, and the old zatirka blossoms a fungus and even crumbles? Here you will not get to anywhere - it is necessary to open intertiled seams and to delete a fungus physically together with an old zatirka. After that seams should be processed soil with an antifungal (fungicide) additive and to make a zatirka anew. Be not frightened, this type of construction works will turn out practically at everyone, even at those who never put a tile.

Replacement of a zatirka between tiles in a bathroom becomes as follows:

Mix for a zatirka of seams gets divorced in a small plastic vessel according to the enclosed instruction. Working weight has to turn out rather dense. You should not dissolve at once a lot of mix as it quickly hardens and beginners risk not to manage to use her all. Therefore and it is necessary to be engaged in seams on a small site of a wall.

Deeply rub the prepared mix in the embroidered seams the rubber pallet.

After the site allocated for work will be ready, erase the acting mix, carrying out on a tile by a damp sponge with easy pressing. When the zatirka hardens, it will be more difficult to remove surplus it from a tile.

Every other day should be polished carefully a tiled wall with a soft rag.

After removal of a fungus between tiles instead of a zatirka it is possible to use means for updating of seams. These are mixes, ready to the use, which are applied on the cleared seams directly from a tube or a sponge. Surplus of means after drying is also removed from a tile by means of a wet sponge.

Such “obnovitel“ of seams are on sale the most widespread flowers. They have the high covering ability and can be suitable for repainting of intertiled seams also.

Here it is so possible to remove a fungus from a tile in a bathroom or in kitchen.