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To authors of detective stories, or For what doctor Watson is necessary?

Sherlock Holmes and doctor Watson - well-known for the whole world couple with Baker - the street. They are unseparable, it is impossible to present one without another. But let`s try nevertheless. According to a plot Conan of Doyle, doctor Watson was not always the satellite of the great detective.

If to separate flies from cutlets, and doctor Watson from Sherlock Holmes, then becomes obvious: presence of the good-natured doctor does not influence unique talents of Holmes in any way. Sherlock Holmes was known even before emergence in his life of doctor Watson - Conan Doyle quite so claims. And in all adventures of the great detective doctor Watson is a supernumerary, personally he does not solve any crime, does not catch any criminal (on own initiative) and so on. All its activity consists in the amazed look and admiration of the genius of the best friend.

On a plot of any of stories about Sherlock Holmes presence of such character as doctor Watson, does not influence. And in such stories as “The Hound of the Baskervilles“ where doctor Watson makes “independent“ investigation, and only then Holmes is connected to it, also other character, for example, the inspector Leystreyd could replace the sweetest doctor (here it is just impossible to do without inspector - someone has to arrest officially the criminals caught by Sherlock Holmes).

If to rummage in detectives, then it will turn out that at each genius surely there is “doctor Watson“. So, Niro Vulf has Archie Goodwin, Hercule Poirot has a captain Hastings, at Ms. Marple from the story in the story some girlfriend wanders, the inspector Megre has the whole set of colleagues, one of whom surely is present nearby, the lawyer Perry Mason has even two - the secretary Della Strit and the private detective Paul Drake. Even the brilliant logician Henri Dupin from the very first detectives, the character created by Edgar Poe that whose descendants are all other literary geniuses of criminalistics, did not do without “doctor Watson“.

But it is asked - why they are necessary, these immemorial companions of the famous detectives? All of them, as well as doctor Watson, are only present nearby. However, some of them participate in investigation process more actively, than Sherlock Holmes`s friend (for example, Archie Goodwin and Paul Drake are busy with detective work - work legs when the genius thinks), but equally well the great detective could manage newspaper reports on a crime.

And still without doctor Watson in any way. It are absent or the character similar to it does not also the fascinating detective story. Doctor Watson is all of us. Our reflection on pages of the criminal novel. We admire Sherlock Holmes`s method together with doctor Watson, we are surprised to Niro Vulf`s genius together with Archie Goodwin, with tension we watch how Perry Mason together with Della Strit will get out of a difficult situation, we smile to Poirot`s whims together with the captain Hastings … We accompany each of great detectives in their adventures and investigations, looking after them their best friends and invariable satellites.

And if near Sherlock Holmes there is no doctor Watson, then how the genius will address us, readers? To whom he will tell: “Elementary, Watson!“, - will also explain the idea which came to its mind? It he addresses us, explains to us.

Doctor Watson is an interactive training. This is that character who involves the reader in action, makes for it personal, personal room in the detective`s plot. And the place - in the forefront orchestra seats, and quite often even on the scene. Therefore doctor Watson so we love readers therefore to him put monuments on an equal basis with Sherlock Holmes.

And if you write detective stories, pay attention - whether is at your “Sherlock Holmes“ “doctor Watson“. Make for the reader room on pages of the detective story - and chances of success of your work will increase repeatedly. The actor the public does, and an applause is and there is doctor Watson. Necessary and integral component of success.