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What to do if you are filled in?

you come in the evening home and see damp floors and wet walls, patterns on a ceiling in style “did not expect?“... Or you wake up in the morning from the fact that to you the huge cold drop of water fell on a forehead from a ceiling. Or … Situations can be different, and a conclusion one: you were flooded . It can happen to everyone and not once. And as always there is a same question asked by Nikolay Gavrilovich Chernyshevsky: “What to do?“

should not set on above the living neighbors of your favourite Dobermann terrier at once At all or to wait for them in a dark gate late at night for punishment. Neighbors from above can be and are not guilty. Yes, yes. It is not a typographical error. Neighbors from above can be really not guilty that they flooded you and still the apartment under you. For example, if broke through the system of heating made during construction of the house. Not the neighbor carried out heating system. And here if a sosedushka changed the battery at itself in the apartment without coordination with management company, to answer it on the full coil. Anyway to define the guilty person not to you, and the technical commission.

What to do?

1. It is necessary to visit neighbors from above, maybe, the problem will manage to be solved on the place at once if a leakage small and neighbors - people adequate. At the same time take an interest, perhaps, they already caused emergency service. If is not present or there are no neighbors the house, or they are people not adequate, or the source of a leakage does not manage to be defined, then start the following stage.

2. We call accident-prone persons. They will testify the departure fact to you and will block water for indefinite time before elimination of a leakage.

3. Further it is necessary to address to your managing organization (condominium, DUK) with the written requirement to create the technical commission. The commission will establish the extent of damage, will find out the reasons and responsible for accident. Within three days the commission has to draw up the statement fixing the place, time, the reason and responsible for accident and also an apartment interior damage rate. Then within 10 days the repeated statement describing damages after drying is drawn up.

4. Holding the above described act, it is possible to make a claim and to direct it to responsible for accident. It is necessary to attach the act of fixing of damage to a claim. It is possible to direct a claim by mail the registered mail with the notice or to hand personally, having received at the same time on the second copy a mark about receiving.

5. If neighbors are guilty, it is possible to try to agree with them about compensation properly.

If management company, then it is obliged within a month after your written address to give the written answer about the made decision: or they do repair, or will pay compensation.

Responsible for a local flood indemnifies the loss caused to you and your apartment in full.

6. If the neighbors who flooded you refuse to pay compensation or will not be agree with the sum - appeal to court in the location of the defendant, i.e. responsible for flooding. It is necessary to remember that in court will surely take an interest whether the claim was sent to the defendant, and will demand the proof of sending (the receipt of a mailing, the assurance of receipt, a claim copy with a mark about delivery personally). If you are not able to produce the evidence of the direction of a claim, the court will suggest to settle nevertheless dispute peaceful manner. If responsible for flooding challenges the amount of compensation, the court can appoint examination.

Costs of examination lay down on a guilty party. Therefore it is undesirable to begin to do repair and to put the apartment in order before pronouncement of the decision by court. Or, at least, it is necessary to stock up with photos and video filming from the scene, in working hours of the technical commission and to agree with other neighbors who could give testimony concerning flooding.

Of course, you will not wish such “good luck“ to anybody. So, give you god of good neighbors from above and understanding from below.