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Stereotypes: to reconcile or fight?

What you know about stereotypes? If to go deep into philosophy, the term “Stereotype“ means the settled relation to the taking place events developed on the basis of their comparison with internal ideals. Though in usual life we do not resort to the terminology provided in reference books. We began to use too often the word “Stereotype“ in daily occurrence. The question “Why?“ arises.

Stereotypes play a huge role in our life today. Everything in the world is based on them. All this became part of our consciousness, attitude just because we adapted to such way of life. In total on the places also operates in an expected way. Our consciousness is in the trap created by us. We limit ourselves, referring to the fact that such course of things is habitual and convenient.

Parents accustom to it children, children of the children, thus, we receive an infinite vicious circle.

Each person before any action thinks of how society will react to it. We eat certain dishes with certain devices (soup - a spoon, salad - a fork). We put on to different places differently (for work - officially, on a disco - it is free, daily). We will not have dinner sitting on a table, and to sleep on a chair. So it is not accepted. So incorrectly. We do not even suspect that all this too the settled stereotypes which are perceived as this.

Since the childhood put simple truth: you will not study - you will become illiterate, you will not find work, badly you will live, therefore, you will become unfortunate. Girls from early age want to marry, thereby to ensure the good future because so happens at cinema, in fairy tales and so forth families are higher than

of the Pit. Money - the main thing. Appearance is more important than soul. Manners are more powerful than the principles.

Examples of stereotypes can be given infinitely. Even life became a continuous stereotype. We do not even reflect to change

something. To violate the got accustomed rules - from a sort the going-out act. Following habits, we live automatically.

To break at least one stereotype, to overcome in itself the herd instinct - means to begin to live really. Without prejudices and fear of foreign opinion.

It is not necessary to destroy completely stereotypes - it is necessary to live, being with them in balance.