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How to tell the child about feelings and emotions? In the fairy tale!

Are such abstract concepts which are difficult for explaining to especially small child. Especially, if your child actively asks questions and it seems to you extremely talented. Feelings - love, hatred, all shades of emotions belong to such concepts. Tested only once or tested with enviable constancy … I do not know as psychologists from psikhoterpevta there, and I invented an own “mamsky“ way to explain to my immoderately developed and inquisitive fumes as as in our thin sincere world. So, I present to you - no, not a skazkoterapiya, - and “skaskoproyasnyalka“. For a start - the hierarchy of feelings expressed as fantastic history.


Absolutely non Korean tale

… Ding - ding - ding … bells ring, sing, the fairy tale begins … Also there will be it, my soul, is florid as a hieroglyph of your name, and will tell how our world began … Well listen … to

Davny - long ago when there was neither earth, nor the sea, nor our country yet Choson which is called by us Morning freshness , there was in the sky one big white cloud, O. I was it so dense that was delivered once as a pyshnorunny white sheep of two babies at once. Twins - and it were very pretty girls - called Ra and Pe. The first of them, Ra, grew at the restless laugher, everything that will make by it it is possible, everything that she will think - will raise a smile and such fine and beautiful grew, as heavenly people around only also rejoiced looking at it. And here the second girl - Pe - was absolutely other: she liked to sizhivat in a corner and to dream, often saw tears on her eyes, however gloomy she did not seem at all. Many found it the darling, over the years it became and more cleverly and Ra and as began Pe to turn into the girl is more practical, always looked is more senior than the sister.

Here time to girls the destiny came to choose. Ra met the good guy, To him called in the heavenly country. There was a guy kind, hard-working, reliable, sacredly read ancient customs and was able to cause the most sincere arrangement. By profession To was a carpenter and from morning to late evening helped people to build their heavenly houses. He built the strong house and for them with Ra of a young family. In speed at them and kids arose one by one. In the beginning sons, seven one after another (At, Serd, Uva, Wad Dra, On, Al, both youngest strong and courageous Voskhi) and when Ra already and ceased to wait - the only daughter, the beauty Liu was born.

Pe met the destiny too. She left to the lonely monastery where thirty years and three years comprehended secrets of volshebstvo and where her mentor was wise gray-haired That. The old man did not suit for family life, however Pe knew how to wake in it forces. She also knew that once in night of a gray smoke at it the unprecedented hero in the heavenly country, a name, to which Yar will be born. Over time the prophecy came true: the senior children of Pe already managed to grow up (Guo married, Apa - helped mother with preparation of potions and medicines, and Neng - already began to tell, to be exact to whisper to all and everyone real nasty things) when loud shout of the baby unprecedented hitherto announced the heavenly country from the West on the East. The boy was born such large that he was not located in a cradle, and mother put him to bed directly on a floor.

Also it happened so that Liu and Yar grew nothing about each other without knowing, while it was not executed by it for seventeen years. Heard then Yar that is on East side of the sky where mother did not order to go to it, a wonderful garden. There, among exotic flowers and birds, there lives a beauty Liu. Its braids as black snakes, eyes as blue sapphires, and skin are more white than that cloud that was generated by his mother. And as if heavenly grooms from all over the world ask in marriage to Liu, and is not present it equal, neither on beauty, nor on mind, nor on a strength of mind. Yar got irritated and literally lost the head, so he wanted to see the cousin and to try forces with grooms heavenly. He saddled With, a dragon true, and the house without having told anything went to East side.

Liu swam in the pool when noise and a roar was heard, both the sky yawned, and the dragon came on a silver platter, and together with it and Yar head over heels swept in water. Goodhearted Liu burst out laughing. Regretted the unlucky hero. Helped it to get out of water and to drain a dress. Even more became angry with this pity of Yar, seized Liu by hair and only Liu turned back a birdie and fluttered out from its iron ruchishch. Ten days enraged Yar chased Liu on a garden, ten nights were gnawed by him and scraped nails of a door of its tent, and here for the eleventh day there was Liu to it and told: “I will be, Yar, I your wife, only chur an arrangement. In the afternoon you on border of my kingdom go, protect us from fierce relatives. And come back to my tent at night, I will play with you, lyub you to me!“. Yar howled and there is nothing to do, it was necessary to obey.

Since then at night you see how the star road between east and western parties of the sky sparkles and flickers. That Liu with Ardent in a tent is played. If Yar wins, then sonnies, comets having a tail, and a name will be born at them it Strkh. And if Liu top a beret - that daughters appear, and a name to them Strt, all this stars and planets different, full lives and beauty. On one such planet and we with you live now, expensive … the Legend

the Fairy tale personally I constructed

in imitation cosmogonies of ancient: there everything is accurate, all occur from each other in a strict order, and this order is explainable, and from time to time specularly - is symmetric. Though it is illusory, of course …

Ra - pleasure, you with the child can pick up also other characteristics of this worthy personality.

To - trust, her husband, the carpenter (that is the builder, that who creates a basis of a family, the world in general).

Their sons: Acceptance, Geniality, Respect, Friendliness, Obedience, Altruism, Admiration. I suggest you to argue with the child on each of these feelings, to personify them, to place in that order which is clear and close personally to you and the child. You very much are surprised because the intuitive feeling of many difficult things is peculiar to children. This list shows sequence which was given by my four-year-old daughter, describing as from a priyatelstvo it is possible to pass to love.

The daughter Ra and To, only, younger: Liu - love. You can describe Liu as you want, and ask the child to describe her character, habits even better that she loves and that is not present. It is convinced, you will understand also yourself and the child better if you come back to the fairy tale several times, it is possible at different age, to add a detail.

Pe - grief, the sister Radosti. Emphasize here that there are no positive or negative feelings that feelings are not painted that only our personal perception gives positive or negative sense. Let the child will understand that there is grief time and that the grief can be beautiful and wise.

That is melancholy, the aged man - the teacher, a little insolvent husband Pechali, by means of any tricks becoming the father. Of course in conversation with the small child of a detail it is possible to lower, but here it is important that the child somehow felt weakness of this emotion, its depressiveness, and the fact that it is necessary to make a certain effort for it from the outside. The melancholy of a bolotist, is inactive. There is a sense of which you can inform.

Daughter Pechali and Melancholy: Guo - a grief, Apa - apathy, Neng - hatred. Again - depending on a problem which you observe in daily communication with the child try to expand the description and even a plot at the expense of these characters. Let them battle or help each other, let unexpectedly pass into other feelings. Your task to explain an essence of shades of emotion. And also to plan an exit for each of them.

Son Pechali and Melancholy only, the last: Yar - Rage (think up the hero if you have other strongest emotion).

Love children and Rage (it is strange couple, but the child usually perfectly understands that he means).

Strkh - fear (the character in my fairy tale only mentioned, you can develop a subject if we tell your child is afraid of the dark or dogs).

Strt - passion (children sensitively perceive gradation, let perceive passion as domination of love with impurity of rage, zeal)

the Name of a dragon With - doubt (it is important that the doubt was prostrate, in my fairy tale it ridiculously falls to the pool, you can describe even fight pros and cons …)

the Name of a cloud / sheep - About (just the first letter, but you can use any abbreviations of your cultural tradition, and also names of God, if you the Buddhist or the Judaist).

Choson - the valid self-name of Korea, is provided for a certain cultural reliability and color here.

So, here the main conclusions which we with the child drew in 555 - y time telling this fairy tale. In - the first, feeling all are important because even without one of them there would be no fairy tale. In - the second, the postulate that the good overcomes the evil can be expanded at the expense of the analysis of thinner energiya, and, above all - our relation to events, emotions work here, events are neutral. In - the third, the dictionary and conceptual stock of the child, sensibleness of experiences enormously extends, it is easier for it to explain to both itself and you what happens to it. At last, unless it is not the beautiful fairy tale in itself? Fairy tales pleasant to you!