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Whether there came the degeneration era? In Russia

According to a hypothesis of the American physicists - professor of the Californian university Gregory Laughlin (Gregory Laughlin) and professor Fred Adams (Fred Adams) from University of Michigan, the era of degeneration of our Universe will come when substance of stars and any circumstellar small fry (like planets and asteroids) becomes a source of photon radiation. Or this substance will be involved in black holes. According to Adams and Laughlin, the era of degeneration will be long: will begin in 10 15 years, and will end in 10 37 years from the moment of the Big Bang.

We will choose a point 13,7 billion years from the moment of the Big Bang, we will distract from universal scales and “we will go down“ on the earth, to the Russian Federation. What era comes in the country?

Ahead the next election campaign at the federal level. It will pass in a situation when the latest stagnation became heavy for considerable part of society, and Putin economic and political systems function incorrectly. Transformation of the built power vertical is not provided in the principle; the vertical is not able to recognize the real situation in economy.

Independent observers note the strongest degradation of industrial production. The existing enterprises work, generally according to the “screwdriver“ scheme. Still extremely the problem of investments into economy is particularly acute. Flight of the capitals from Russia grows after an exhibitor. In the country almost ten-percentage inflation (according to official figures, and about 20% are real if to speak about inflation for the poor). To a high probability in the next months there will be inflationary shock. When falling price of oil it will be almost inevitable.

Everything in the present state is excessively centralized. The Russian remote place became deserted, behind the better lot provincials go to the large cities, to Moscow and to the northern capital, and the most resolute leave the country.

Look at a car on the Moscow roads. Such impression that you stay in safe Arab Emirates where the sheikh or his successor goes by every second car. The impression is deceptive, actually are in the country in which the most part of the population lives in poverty. For example, an average salary of the Russian doctor of 700 dollars a month, and many categories of workers and pensioners receive much less. And then the seditious thought comes to mind: something in this state is wrong if almost each official or the police second lieutenant (polices) buys to themselves madly expensive “Lexus“.

In what the Russian power likes to be engaged? She adores imitation of electoral process, imitation of fight against corruption, modernization imitation, and still she is disturbed by allegedly low-quality Georgian wines and Borjomi which will not come to Russia any more the infected vegetables from Europe disturb or, for example, parsley curly which cannot be used in no shape or form now - the plant suddenly turned into drug what told us Rospotrebnadzor of.

Still the Russian power has addiction to sport, it likes to organize the Winter Olympic Games in subtropics, the FIFA World Cup and other world championships. Such passion allows to master multi-billion (in dollars) budgets. But it is fine, nasty another: the power satisfies the “sports“ ambitions at the expense of the population which becomes poorer. At the same time admires anonymity of the power - never you will understand who what solved.

The population the present power does not fear: Petersburg security officers not of shy ten, besides their television for the people is under their control. If in the state something goes not so, then it is always possible to arrange small victorious war - we in a ring of enemies; and the present Russian military doctrine allows it. Needless to say that fair war will rally the people around the government and the father of the nation.

When Yeltsin died, standing at a coffin, Putin said sacramental: “It gave us freedom“. During rule of Putin freedom was transformed to the principle: everything is permitted to the elite; the rest - what will be resolved by the elite. the elite are among not only the Petersburg security officers, but also oligarchs of various flood who came to the power, since federal and finishing local. A difference between them not essential: just one live in conditional Kushchyovskaya, and others live mainly in (same conditional) Courchevel. At Putin there was a mastering the power as property, and the right for this property is sacred.

Very much can be that Putin will become history as the founder of an era of degeneration in Russia.

… To the states, as well as human life how any civilization, it is released (God?) the term. They are born, there live sometimes long centuries, and then, alas, grow old and die. Whether Russia after 20 years of the contemporary history dies? She tries to live, despite everything. It is shaken by convulsions of oligarchical capitalism, the terrorism, the world collapses around, but it continues to live. It cannot stop as the ancient carriage which is inevitably getting derailed. Axes are stirred already up, there are neither brakes, nor tires long ago; it collapses with each meter of a way, but its movement continues. Because to stop - means to die.

And maybe, here just unlucky territory: from time immemorial civilized tribes did not lodge on these lands...