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What here superfluous? Unnecessary things in use of the baby

the First year of life of the child is called infancy. It is year of adaptation - both the kid, and mother.

The baby the first time opens eyes, inhales air in the tiny lungs, sees light, learns to suck a breast, to turn over from a back on a tummy, to creep, sit down, takes the first steps, pronounces the first words.

Young mother gets used to a new role, a new way of life too. Clear business - she wants to give all the best to the baby. Shops of children`s goods have very extensive range. Also it seems that all is necessary. However it far not so. It is necessary to avoid excess expenditure. With addition in a family of the new person each kopek on the account. Money should be spent for really necessary things. I will share personal experience that you did not repeat my mistakes.

A year ago at me the first and still only son Pavel was born. I will tell at once, because of absence of assistants to a thing for the newborn I bought in the Internet - shops. It is known that the Internet - shopping “corrupts“. In the sense that there is time to walk on the Network, to choose all necessary, and also to gather superfluous. The benefit, there everything is structured, spread out according to sections. Choose - I do not want! And I gathered.

Baby`s dummies. My Pavlik flatly refused to suck them from the very first days lives. Still lie in a case. All five pieces.

Gauze diapers. In - the first, I did not understand as to put on them; in - the second, the first three months Pavlunya did not get out of pampers. So more convenient and is more practical because we began to sleep together with the kid on the sofa, and adult sheets at us was only three. You will not save enough to change them in a night several times and a chair at babies too frequent. The bed, by the way, too was used for designated purpose all some 3 months. Then served only as alternative to an arena.

An arena - a thing useful. Bought it when the son was 4 months old. It is necessary to tell, Pasha at us almost did not creep, in 5 months of villages, and then at once got up. So manezhik with its setochka on boards was very opportunely during this period.

Also bottles with nipples were not useful to our baby. I made a choice for breastfeeding therefore I in a case had only 2 small bottles on duty for protivokolikovy teas, drugs and other liquids. Bottle-fed babies require 5 pieces, at least.

Trying to disaccustom the child to diapers, I got the special absorbing inserts without absorbent. And again missed. They turned out so impractical that, having used only couple, I just postponed the others. The matter is that they almost are not fixed in shorts in any way, continually move in different directions, respectively causing course and therefore without carrying out the functions at all. For this period of life of the baby it is more expedient to buy reusable shorts - not blotters which are actively advertized on the Internet now.

Being greedy for any advertizing, I coveted the aspirators which are sucking away slime from a children`s nose. Bought with different nozzles: wide, narrow. But, as it appeared, nothing is more effective than usual “pear“ not to find! And these modern means are effectless. They did not get from my nose of the baby at all during cold.

Still for some reason pillows were not necessary for me at all. Neither in a bed, nor in a carriage. Orthopedists do not recommend to use them on the first year of life at all. Now Pavlik is one year old and three months, and I everything will not find for them application in any way. Still sleeps without pillows. Perhaps, later will be useful when separately sleeps in the bed. Let`s wait. But I am afraid that by then they to it will become small and it is necessary to buy already adult.

All children different. Therefore also use objects are required for them different. Perhaps, the fact that it was not useful to my child would be extremely necessary for another at the same stage of development. Wash to you council: watch attentively behavior and needs of the child and do not buy superfluous.

I will be glad if my councils seemed to someone useful.