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Candlestick the hands. How to create sea mood?

At last came long-awaited summer! For most of people this time is connected with holiday, sea tour, walks on the coast, collecting of pebbles and cockleshells on the beach … And here, having arrived home, there is quite natural question: what to do with all pleasant souvenirs from sea depths?

I bring to your attention a candlestick in sea style! It is rather simple to make it. And your pebbles and starfishes will take the worthy place in the apartment. They will please you every day at a table during a dinner. Is by candlelight - it is so romantic and pleasant!

So, the following materials will be necessary for you for creation of a candlestick:

1. Floristic foam (a floristic sponge) - synthetic porous material. It is used by florists to fix flowers in any form and any kind. It becomes rather easily as a sponge very plastic. However it will serve us for a framework under a candle. For this purpose it is possible to use polyfoam also.

2. Plastic plateau. Choosing it, decide on the size and a form of your candlestick as it will play a support role. The plastic plateau can be got in flowers shop in department of pots under plants.

3. Moment glue by means of which you will fix your jewelry to a floristic penalty fee or polyfoam. Not to spoil a working surface where you will be engaged in a candlestick, spread an oilcloth or newspapers. For cutting a form from a floristic sponge (polyfoam) take a stationery knife.

4. Cockleshells, starfishes, pebbles , i.e. all that you will bring with yourself from sea cruise. It is desirable to use as much as possible various types of cockleshells for a candlestick, then it will look more originally.

5. Old beads, jewelry, costume jewelry etc. For filling of places between cockleshells and pebbles, you can use various objects. For example, if you lost one ear ring and you precisely know that you will never find another, then you can safely use it in the composition.

6. Candle. It is necessary not only to decorate with the presence a candlestick, but also to determine the opening size under a candle.

Having collected all materials for our candlestick, let`s start its creation.

1. Cut out from floristic foam (polyfoam) a framework under a candlestick of the necessary size. For this purpose use a plateau which will serve as a support under a framework. If you chose a plateau of square shape, then foam has to turn out also square. However it is the best of all to make a candlestick round as to such form it is easier to paste sea gifts.

2. Take a candle and measure for it an opening on the center of a floristic sponge. It is possible to deviate, of course, and a few at the rate and to make a hole closer to some wall, only thus you should beat this moment kompozitsionno. Having made an opening, you can stick together a plastic plateau with floristic foam.

3. Now by means of glue begin to adapt your cockleshells, starfishes and pebbles. You do not mold one cockleshell on another, just glue them as closely nearby, and at some distance as we will correct then all defects.

4. So, the candlestick is almost ready, it is necessary only to fill “holes“ between cockleshells and starfishes. If you had small pebbles “patch“ them these spaces. Paste in bead gleams, pastes or costume jewelry. Decorate a candlestick under the taste!

I congratulate, your composition is ready!

Do not forget that the things created by the hands are much closer to soul, it is much more pleasant to give and receive them. Therefore be not satisfied with what has already been achieved. The sea subject can be beaten and in a different way: a frame from cockleshells, a casket with a starfish, a moneybox from pebbles …

of Good luck! I wish you original creative decisions!