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What there is of the first impression and as far as it is important?

Appearance , undoubtedly, are one of the most important factors of our perception of people. Experts call its “container“. Strange, and unclear name, truth? However, it seems to that only when you hear it for the first time. But it is worth reflecting for a couple of minutes why this word “coded“ appearance, and the analogy becomes obvious.

Our appearance as the mosaic, consists of a set of fragments. Let`s divide them into 3 groups according to three features of perception. Psychologists found out that the most important factor at perception of new information, for one people is sight, call them visual learners. What they hear is much more important for others - it is audiala, there are also kinestetik - those for whom in knowledge of the world the contact prevails. It means that the first impression is made not by a photographic method.

Enter the concept “container“ and

- unique appearance;

- original plasticity: mimicry, movements, gait, behavior;

- a voice, the speech, a manner to speak.

For the first time I heard this term on one of psychological trainings on the self-presentation, and now it is a little about it. The trainer was a visitor and was late, organizers told about his trainings on which they were before, thereby stirring our interest in his person, and here … IT flew in audience as long-awaited wind in hot day. It is necessary to tell that the audience was purely female and it in a moment charmed all of us! At first he seemed me a young man from a cover of the fashionable magazine: faultlessly it is efficiently dressed, the extended hairstyle, sexual plasticity - just super hero! All these ingredients based on charisma did its appearance inimitable, and the first impression indelible. Of course, already lovers all a little, we listened to each his word and were ready for any offers! What is necessary to make so bright impression? Ah, those who will tell are naive: “Gift of heaven! Divine charisma!“. Inclinations of this charisma - are in each of us, but whether we want to develop it, whether are ready to allocate time for improvement of “container“?

Appearance is a tool for achievement of these or those purposes! Here such understanding gradually arose in my brain. Not without reason Albert Camus somehow told what charm is what allows to achieve the desirable, without resorting to a request. I think that the trainer who provides trainings on the self-presentation is simply obliged to look so, the trust quite so is born. Whether you look at a hairdress of the hairdresser before to entrust him the hair? Whether you pay attention to the stomatologist`s smile? Would you like that you were trained by a voice of people which hardly whispers?

Appearance - one of the most significant links in creation of a personal brand , I think that it is an axiom for the majority. Even, if not to take into account people from the world of art, then it is more than enough of examples! To whom Vyacheslav Zaytsev or Sergey Zverev`s images (a magnificent example of transformation of shortcomings into attractive features) or to Ksenia Sobchak are unknown?

We will not be limited to the present. Only one look in history and at once unique images of the queen Neffertitti recur to the memory, Julius Caesar, Albert Enstein.

If long ago the thrown thought of improvement of favourite, emerged in your brain - remarkably! And on a question “as to make it?“ there are answers in a set of publications in this of the magazine.