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How it is correct to filter information?

“Who possesses information - that owns the world“, - the prime minister - the minister of Great Britain Winston Churchill was convinced, and hardly he can be reproached with delusion. Usually by way of illustration this thesis give an example with fishing when the knowledge of where it is possible to catch a lot of fish, is appreciated above, than a rod. Alas, since the British prime minister uttered immortal words, there passed a lot of time, and figurative water in which fresh-water are found, managed to dim rather. Today became information in the world very much that rather the one who owns misinformation owns the world. And all others are forced to struggle with information viruses independently.

When experts declare that the amount of information grows every year, they, as a rule, do not press in specification. Otherwise the inhabitant would know for a long time that in the world annually there are 100 thousand magazines in 60 languages, 5 billion scientific books and articles, 250 thousand theses and reports. Since 1950 information doubles each 10 years, since 1970 - go - everyone 5, since 1990 - go - annually.

Not the last role in these processes was played by the Internet. Developments of essentially new way of communication allowing to communicate instantly any sort were conducted in 70 - e years of the last century both in the USSR, and in the USA. But the network developed by the Pentagon expanded to the scales which captured all planet. Today about 57 million Russians use it, and every year their quantity increases. Just for last year growth Russian the Internet - audiences made 22%.

Unfortunately, practically at once from a means of communication and information transfer the Internet managed to turn also into a way of manipulation with public opinion. Considering a high involvement of people into social networks and their trust to those people with whom they communicate through the Network, it is simple to understand why information throws on the Internet are so effective.

... At the end of May, 2007 the South of Russia was stirred up by a wave of rumors that on the Volgodonsk NPP in the Rostov region there was an explosion of the reactor to formation of a radioactive cloud. The Internet became the main means of distribution of rumors. Locals tore off phones of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, in large quantities bought up iodine in drugstores or at all tried to leave where - nibud far away.

Rumours about explosion of the Volgodonsk NPP were a little exaggerated by

As subsequently it became clear, rescue services of Ukraine staged drills on the Zaporizhia NPP during which the reactor was according to plan stopped. It also served as an initial impulse for what soon addressed in mass hysteria. In addition, in the territory of close Volgodonsk NPP really there was a fire: four construction change houses burned down.

According to experts, opponents of construction of new nuclear power plants could be interested in forcing of rumors. They - that also used blogs and forums as the channel of the avalanche distribution of painful information.

... On January 10, 2011 well-known Sergey Mavrodi in the video message which is laid out on the Internet declared the beginning of the new project “MMM - 2011“, having promised investors monthly profit in 20%. This news stirred up not only a blogosphere, but also the authorities. The Taganrog city court even ordered the Internet - to providers to forbid users access to Mavrodi`s website. However soon in mass media information that information on MMM was only public relations - the action calculated on advertizing of the movie “Pyramid“ which appeared in April, 2011 appeared.

Sergey Mavrodi returned to advertize the movie on the book
... Perhaps, history of the transfer of the Russian school education to paid rails became the most striking example of the information throw taking place recently. The famous TV host and the member of the Civic chamber of the Russian Federation Tina Kandelaki was not even too lazy to make the whole investigation devoted to this subject.

The first wave of rumors began with the publication which appeared on the little-known website in November, 2010. In article it was reported that the State Duma adopted the law on transfer of hospitals, schools and kindergartens from the budgetary financing on self-sufficiency. Here it was said that since September 1, 2011 free will be only a few basic objects: Russian, English, mathematics, history and physical culture.

the Member of Civic chamber Tina Kandelaki opened main the Internet - an intrigue of year
In May of the current year “the school sensation“ appeared in Yandex top - news though the list of the portals and editions which published it did not cause special trust. In parallel active work on distribution of a virus was conducted on social networks.

On Tina Kandelaki`s supervision, messages of the same character appeared first of all on a social network of “VKontakte“ with frequency of times 5 - 6 minutes. All of them were followed by requests to tell news to friends or to help to distribute information. At the same time frequency of emergence of messages with references to unconfirmed sources does not leave doubts that forcing happened artificially.

of the Loudspeaker of emergence of messages, containing the phrase “paid education“, on the Internet and “VKontakte“ looks identical that indicates artificial forcing
the Result and reaction of audience to news were so impressive that the authorities had to react. At the VI Congress of the All-Russian pedagogical meeting on May 31 Vladimir Putin officially declared that “about any transition to paid education within the school program out of the question“.

Someone can object that transfer of information virus does not put the Internet - to the user of harm. But, paraphrasing the classic, you should not forget that if air is forced, so it is necessary for somebody. Besides, the mass delusion even in the narrowest sphere can lead to the most pernicious consequences. So at the beginning of 90 - x years Russians, having not up to the end understood in what sense of vouchers, sold them for nothing to speculators instead of keeping the actions issued to them.

Summarizing the aforesaid, I cannot but agree with one dean of faculty of journalism who liked to use to say to first-year students: “If your mother says to you that she loves you, - check it“. This principle (relating, certainly, not to the relations with relatives, and to all, apparently, obvious facts) needs to be observed everyone respecting himself the Internet - to the user.

Remember that information without references to authoritative sources, as a rule, is doubtful. And existence of these references in the text demands their careful check. Only this way you will not fall a victim of delusion.