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Democracy or order - what is necessary? A sober view of

Recently on one of the information websites, loyal to the power, article claiming that “56 percent of the people interrogated on the street consider that the order, than democracy is more important for Russia now got to me. At the same time does not confuse respondents that for achievement of an order, perhaps, it is necessary to go for some violations of democratic principles and restriction of a personal liberty“ .

In the same place: “23 percent of Russians, on the contrary, consider more important democracy. In their opinion, it is necessary to observe democracy even in case it gives freedom, including to destructive and criminal elements. Found it difficult to answer a question with 21%“ .

Further in article as if it is between times noticed (the quote too): “The majority of those who chose democracy concerns to wealthy citizens while the order was preferred by needy Russians“ .

And already the final that anybody did not have misunderstanding what, actually, there is a speech about, tells: “Most of respondents defined the term “democracy“ as freedom of speech, the press, religions as an order and stability, as economic prosperity of the country and also as strict legality“ .

In logic as science there is such term as “substitution of concepts“. To oppose an order of democracy is and there is this substitution. It is possible to think what at democracy cannot be about - but same obvious lie.

And still there is such way of management of masses as choice illusion. Most brightly it is shown by Bruce Willis in the movie “Last Boy Scout“ the question “In a Paunch or in a Jaw?“. That is what choose, and it will be sick all the same.

And in general, as a rule, prepare by similar articles of citizens for any changes not in the best for them the party that then it was possible to tell from a high tribune “And that, wanted“, or something similar. So there are all bases to assume that they with big degree of probability soon “will put the clamps“ to our many rights and freedoms. Examples of similar in the history already were, we will see nothing new. In other words, “I have the right“ will become less, and “I will become obliged“ more. But similar is impossible without strengthening of presence of the state as imposing mechanism in society.

And here one more foreshortening about which it is not accepted to speak somehow, and interrogated “tactfully“ about it is covered decided not to remind. Ratio of creators and freeloaders. It is unclear? And I will explain...

In the next Belarus which citizens though conditionally hungry, but are proud of order and externally beautiful picture, on two men of capable age occupied in the creative sphere (production, agriculture and other) it is necessary 8 ( eight! ) wearing this or that uniform (militia, KGB, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, army, justice, customs, officials and so on) or consisting on civil service. Ponder upon these figures: two to eight! That is two directly work, in other words, create something financially valuable, and eight on them parasitize.

Disturbs nothing? It in general contradicts everything: from justice to common sense! Even in the nature as soon as the number of parasites becomes more certain quantity, an individual on whom they parasitize, perishes. And they together with it.

What economy and public model will sustain it? Saltykov-Shchedrin, when wrote “As one man of two generals supported“, could not even present it!

And what now we at them see? In my opinion - a logical result. It is impossible to eat more, than you make, it always comes to an end equally.

Here it is the “order“ price. In quotes, because the order in the heads at first has to be but only then for the rest. As well-known professor Preobrazhensky “ruin in the heads, but not in front doors“ used to say.

And it is silly and incorrect to raise a question thus at least: and what, about at democracy cannot be? Of course, can. And all modern world history to that confirmation. But nevertheless this question also thus was set interrogated. Also it is publicly lit through mass media.

So, misters are companions, we prepare for changes!