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How to write the cover letter to the summary? 10 practical advice of

First seconds of attention of the employer: time, two whether three …

will be adjusted by your letter with interest to read the summary?

your cover letter is the first that employers see when they receive materials by e-mail. These are the most important first seconds of battle for attention and an arrangement of the employer to you!

In the letter you can place emphases on experience in a convenient form other than the “cable“ text of the summary. You can explain the motivation. To comment on “white spots“ in the summary. And that is especially important, will be pertinent to add emotions and to express admiration of the company - the word, to reach the employer`s heart! to Write with

or not the cover letter?

Answer obvious: to write! And to give it to writing as much of attention - if it is no more - how many gave to drawing up the summary.

You, of course, will easily find a couple - another of templates of cover letters. But just you will not manage to copy them! It is necessary to make changes, to add the explanations: to describe motivation, your generalized experience, special achievements, to express your interest … to

I to keep attention of the employer and to make convincing positive first impression, take our advice:

Council 1. Pertinent “I“

the Cover letter - not the autobiography. Pay the main attention to as far as you correspond to needs of the employer. Do not retell history of the life. Avoid excessive use of pronouns “I“, “mine“, “me“. You are not interesting to the employer yet. You only at the very beginning of the relations with it. Therefore you should not yakat!

Council 2. You do not become the applicant

Other extreme - too weak “I“. Not you the first who is tormented by thought: “With what to begin the cover letter?“ And often applicants do not think out anything the best how to write something as the application or a request supposedly “I ask humbly …“, “I apologize …“, “allow to address …“

Not only that it looks as manifestation of your weakness, spinelessness and nonprofessionalism. So it will also not allocate you from a great number of competitors for the place. Pleading tone will not cause interest in the reader.

Weak option: I ask to consider my summary on your vacancy. it is better than

: Effective sales representatives are required for you. And it is a fine opportunity for me to make use of the three years` experience and to increase sales to your company. Remember

, the cover letter cannot carry servile tone.

Council 3. Specify the competitive advantages

the Cover letter is a short advertizing leaflet. The letter has to “sell“ you as the expert. As well as the summary, it has to be convincing. Specify the main reasons why you should be invited to a meeting for specification of professional skills.

The effective letter underlines the most important achievements on last places of work and contains 2 - 3 facts confirming compliance you to the main requirements of vacant post.

Requirement of vacancy: communication skills.

Weak option: To write in personal qualities “ high skill to communicate “.

Strong option: “ is 4 years old of public statements and extensive experience of negotiation with key clients “.

Trite phrases about working capacity, initiative, a stress - and mnogochy - do not write stability. Will not believe! So all write. Be individual.

Council 4. Be not verbose

If the cover letter exceeds a half of the A4 page hardly anyone - that will read up it up to the end. Restriction: no more than a half of the A4 page Times 12 font pt. Be short, but are convincing. Respect the reader`s time.

At you than the half-page turned out more? Means, there is excess information. Re-read 1, 2, 3 … time - and every time delete all minor, insignificant. Leave only the most important for the employer. Be sure, the employer will estimate your professionalism - ability to allocate important and to place priorities!

Council 5. Concentrate on a concrete position


to the announcement of vacancy, write for what specifically a position in the company you apply. The person reading your letter can be filled up in hundreds of same letters and curriculum vitae of the people applying for tens of various vacancies. You remember it. All story about education, specialization, experience has to confirm that you as much as possible conform to requirements of vacancy.

Council 6. The different companies -

Always change different letters to

and specify in letters the name of the company, a position and a name the addressee`s middle name. If dear Ivan Ivanovich receives the letter directed to Maria Petrovna, he will not be impressed definitely with your candidate. And your summary in probability of 99,99% will go to a basket for a carelessness and disrespect for the employer.


Council 7. Be active!

your future, first of all, in your hands! As far as it is possible, take the lead of further actions. You do not ask the addressee to call you (it is reminded of the Mistake No. 2). Write about your intention to call back within several days. For example, so: “... to answer preliminary questions which can arise“.

Council 8. Report the contacts

Is surprising how often candidates forget to subscribe and specify the contact information in cover letters! Finish the letter the indication of a name and surname or F. I. O. (it depends on a position for which you apply). Specify all contacts, convenient for the employer, for communication with you.

Council 10. Check the letter for typographical errors and mistakes

So, your letter is made. Hurrah! However early to rejoice: the “creative“ part ended, remained “attentive“. Have patience and it is attentive - on syllables, aloud, as in the first class - re-read the text of the letter 2 - 3 times. Do not hurry, and you will surely find 1 - 2 mistakes, and even it is more!

Now your cover letter will correctly place accents of your experience in a form, convenient for the employer, you will show professionalism, knowledge of the company - the employer, pertinent confidence and motivation for work.

Be sure, your letter and the summary will be attentively read, you receive meeting invitation!