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About packing for New Year`s gifts...

Hello, dear friends. I Can only assume

who you are, dear reader. Can be - the head of marketing, and there can be just an employee of department of supply of ordinary confectionery. Can be - even the businessman in the sphere retail or wholesale of confectionery?

In this article I only want to inform you of the (and not only) opinion that your goods on racks of huge hypermarkets and shelves of network shops differ in nothing from similar goods of other producers! As to make so that the buyer paid the attention to your goods? I am sure that the answer is known by many, not only the marketing specialist or the businessman. Of course - PACKING! I will tell even more to pay attention of the buyer to goods not the Price but only Packing, more precisely an esthetic component of packing which is perceived by the person visually is important. If packing was pleasant to the buyer, the attention to the cost of goods is already paid further and the decision on purchase or refusal is made. This article would be incomplete if I do not try to open a subject of gift packing.

Thematic packing for festive gifts, such as - New Year, Christmas, on February 23, on March 8, Easter...

I Think will not be a big secret if I tell that at the choice of a festive gift, the buyer is ESPECIALLY captious to appearance of packing of a gift! The price has the minimum role here at making decision on purchase. I.e. if in a usual situation of people could estimate beauty of packing of goods, but at the same time tell “Expensively!“ and to refuse purchase even if goods of excellent quality. That on the eve of holidays the same person will buy a gift for the family relying generally only on external beauty of packing, not looking even at inflated price and mediocrity of contents of packing. The person lives emotions, in particular on holidays!

Summing up the results of my thoughts, I want to tell: “Dear head of marketing, and can be just the employee of department of supply of ordinary confectionery. Please, be more captious to an esthetic component of packing. First of all it will lead to increase in realization of your goods and in reduction of the remains in a warehouse. In the second turn - your buyers will feel happier on holidays, giving to the relatives your production. Eventually and you as the producer of production of food, and Loudstar as the producer of packing, we will know about the contribution to this happiness.

Thanks for attention.

p. s. I will be glad to your comments to article and to the range of our packing.