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How to dress the man?

Often so happen: here you like the man, but the fact that he carries, leaves much to be desired. How unostentatiously to tell it about it, to help with the choice of clothes?

Men - unpretentious beings in this sense, can not think of need to buy clothes and to carry the same things several years in a row at all. There are, of course, exceptions, but in the majority they are such.

The best option - to present clothes as a gift. For this purpose it is necessary to know the size and parameters of the man. Not to jump around it with centimeter and not to spoil a surprise, it is possible to spot dimensional labels on his clothes and to learn growth, at least approximately. If you decided on purchase of a business suit then not to do without exact measures: the volume of hips, waists, a grasp of a neck, breast, width of shoulders, length of trousers on an internal seam (this parameter is required to you also upon purchase separately of trousers or jeans). But most often there is a wish to present to the friend, the husband, the partner something in casual style. A suit - it is too difficult and is, as a rule, got or the man, or at his presence.

So, we follow purchase of casual clothes. The most widespread things in this style: jumpers, pullovers, cardigans, t-shirts with a long and short sleeve. If you love men in shirts, then it is necessary to arm with all parameters for a business suit. But previously specify at the elect - whether he sometime carried shirts and whether assumes such opportunity in the future. Otherwise you risk to be with a gift trapped. The same concerns the choice of a tie. Some integrally do not accept them. And too categorically to impose the opinion, I think, is not necessary.

The beloved is not recommended to buy jeans and trousers also independently. For certain, on yourself you know what is laborious and labor-intensive process - the choice of these objects of clothes. Here landing is important, and not to do without personal presence of object of donation in any way. Only if your elect has an ideal figure, and you precisely know that he suits only everything, it is possible to make up the mind to such step alone. Women who have, as they say, “an eye - diamond“ meet, however, and it is possible to choose men`s trousers independently by it.

Easier all - to buy as a gift a piece of humeral clothes. For their acquisition it is important to know only a size, but to remember that at different producers and the countries the sizes can differ radically from each other. Here call to the aid sellers, calling the standard Russian size. Besides measure that is called “by eye“ as the attracted thing to the elect`s proportions corresponds if only you are not in shop for stout persons.

Let`s understand now, than these objects of clothes differ from each other and what type of a figure is suited. If everyone can distinguish a t-shirt from a cardigan, then in a difference between a pullover and a jumper there are nuances. Everything is very simple: the jumper has a roundish collar, a pullover - v - figurative. Though the tendency to call a pullover anything, up to a sweater is lately observed. So borders are washed very away here.

I will tell only that practically any type of a figure suits all above-mentioned, except for cardigans (in common people - a knitted jacket on buttons). Here either sports type of a figure, or slightly plump. On personal observations, the average is not given.

And finally: do not forget to take the check! You never know …