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What does immortality threaten with?

Even more often slip in mass media of the message that scientists closely approached secret of immortality. That people in the near future will be able to live if it is not absolutely eternal (before the science did not reach yet), but at least very much, very long. Well, and then and it is eternal. And necessarily you reflect: and what will be if to spare the person eternal life? Or we will formulate differently - what immortality threatens mankind with?

Dream of mankind - immortality. To live forever, not to be interrupted in the aspirations at the unexpected and unpredictable moment, not to grow old and not to suffer from senile weakness and diseases (eternal life without eternal youth - profanation), and to live - fully and full-blooded, keeping all enthusiasm of youth and wisdom of a maturity. Marvelous picture: infinitely wise and infinitely living mankind. But whether so all shokoladno?

Somehow I happened to read the charming fantastic story in which the devil granted to the person immortality (at the usual price, certainly). That immortal first was delighted. He considered that now - when at its order infinite time, it is able to reach tops in any chosen kind of activity. He painted pictures and symphonies, novels and verses, tried to build houses and anything it was impossible to model statues - and. Everything was sad, flat, gray - verses and novels, statues and houses, pictures and symphonies. It had infinite time, but there was no talent. The only thing in what it could reach heights - in a crime, and that is exclusive because as an advance payment for gift the devil took away conscience (by the way, crimes were gray and flat too, and unpunished - it is exclusive from - for devil gift). This history - from - for boredom ended with a banal suicide.

Imagine the modern world, people whom you see every day at work, in shops, from a window - present that all of them suddenly, at once became immortal. Immortal workers at the machine, immortal janitors and grandmothers is watchwomen, immortal bribe takers and bandits, immortal politicians and hospital nurses … As you think: whether there will come the era of prosperity and general wisdom soon?

The social society organization assumes that to live, the person has to work (if he is not a juvenile child - in this case he lives on credit future work, or not the pensioner - in this case it lives on dividends with last investments of work). Alas, free cakes are available only for pedophiles. Therefore, and the immortal person will have the same lack of time on wisely - creative processes, as well as at modern mortal (at this social social system).

Besides, question of abilities, talent. For certain you had to face people who claimed that if created them certain conditions, then they would reach incredible heights in any type of creativity. Personally I know about ten potential ingenious writers who undoubtedly (according to them) would write great novels, would surpass Lev Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky and Hemingway combined, not to mention such trifle as Chekhov or Gogol if were not forced to work every day for a piece of bread. I know also one potential great pictorialist whose talent lacks a trifle - the equipment with a total cost of $200 thousand. And so - that he is ready to create! I think, everyone has similar acquaintances.

But here mean focus - almost all geniuses were forced to work every day for a piece of bread. And quite often at all not on the main, ingenious, specialties. Happened also such which unloaded cars, worked as seasonal collectors of fruit, laboratory assistants in hospitals, janitors and so on. And it did not prevent them to show the genius. And to foul dancers you know what disturbs. And it is impossible to help them without surgical intervention (the truth, here still a question - whether they will be able to dance after operation, most likely, will declare that the surgeon was konovaly and operation was unsuccessful, and on this basis will demand sympathy for the talent ruined by ill-wishers).

So hardly immortality will add talent. As if it did not appear exactly the opposite. Now one generation replaces another, one geniuses - others, genes mix up, create new, unique combinations … The world changes. The immortal world can be the world which stiffened. Any new geniuses - even if they suddenly will appear, you try to move old to free the town (as an example I suggest to look at a modern Russian platform, where constantly same “ingenious“ persons or persons approved by these “recognized geniuses“).

And then, we will not forget about a birth rate problem. If panic shouts about birth rate falling are now distributed, it is worth becoming mankind immortal, the birth of children is necessary if not immediately to forbid, immediately to begin strictly to control. It is a question of resources and even just places on the planet. And consequently, new combinations of genes will not be created any more.

Yes, it is possible to speak, of course, about special selection of genomes “to mold“ geniuses. But how to define what genome will work? On talent and abilities of potential parents? So Lomonosov was born in a country family, and his parents did not shine at all with such universal set of talents what were shown by their son. And on children of many geniuses the nature has that is called a rest.

And as if as a result of hasty immortality it did not turn out that the human world became static and gray - those who are called “the average person“, it is differently much more, than the real geniuses and talents which unit. It is not necessary and to dream of wisdom of such civilization.

Also the fantastic novel in which in the world of the future - the immortal future - indispensable attribute were “cabins of suicides“ is remembered. Especially for those who were tired of boring, gray, immortal life, in which every day same, without the slightest gleam. Also it seems, the author of that novel was right. If to grant to mankind immortality now, then will not pass also decades as on the globe the real epidemic of suicides will sweep.

Yes, the mankind dreams of immortality, the mankind is eager for eternal life. But in order that the human civilization did not commit suicide, having received this most eternal life, efforts not only scientists are necessary. There have to be cardinal changes and in a social society organization, and in human psychology. The person evolved not enough to receive immortality in the order.

Matches to children - not toys, but a source of the increased danger. The same and with immortality. At first grow up...