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What has to be the website of bank?

Development the Internet - technologies are advanced by development of many economic branches. There are new technological capabilities nearly every day, and not all manage to keep up with them. The number of sales through a network steadily grows, but there is it only where accurately understand key trends it - a line of the market. By analogy with atomic energy the Internet is good only in that case when it is correctly used. As it is paradoxical, but so monetary bank branch, behind a small exception, uses the small quantity of opportunities of worldwide network is insignificant. Vasily Pirogov - the director of web of the same name - Pirogov`s Bureau studio tells about key shortcomings of the bank websites and ways of increase in sales on the Internet.

This article appeared interestingly. Not so long ago for one our client - the known bank in Bureau did audit of the websites of competitors. In the course of work I was struck by quantity inconvenient the Internet - representations in the banking sector. Being laymans in this sphere, we with colleagues as simple consumers, tried to leave the application for the credit. For this purpose we tested about ten websites of the most popular banks which at all very famous. To reach the purpose practically on each resource it was necessary to study a lot of excess information and to pass several subparagraphs of the menu. And all the same often our inquiry was not satisfied.

the Main problem of the majority of the bank websites in the interface - it is so inconvenient that his programmer hardly understands it, likely. For some reason in this branch negligently treat a usability, forgetting that ordinary people use the websites. Only the few banks already understood it and gradually correct errors. However still even on such “advanced“ resources it is difficult to find quickly an entrance to the Internet - bank where it is possible to operate means of the personal account online. Many banks, wishing to keep conservative image, forget about need to be clear to clients. They encumber the website with a huge number of texts, on some websites there are even no such elementary services as the calculator.

the Bank range of products and services is rather extensive and difficult for understanding of ordinary inhabitants therefore carefully thought over interface is necessary. During an era of a total lack of time consumers just have no time for studying of so detailed information. Perhaps, similar content is addressed to legal entities, but in this case on a resource it is necessary accurately and in one click to differentiate target audience.

dreams to speak Each brand with the audience language clear to it. In this respect at once TV - the advertizing “Alpha - Bank“ in which the Bank tried to come very close to the people is remembered old, discussing the credit services with the teenager, the worker, “the advanced technician“ and the representative of ethnic minorities on their slang. It is a pity only that the majority of banks cannot speak the same “national“ language in the mode it - a line. And during an Internet era it could bring if not the main, then an essential part of profit.

At the Internet is a lot of opportunities and in bank branch they are very little used. At Banks the profit could be much bigger. The interface which is not adapted for clients at all significantly lowers sales. We live in an era of the simplified interfaces. The user who came to obtain the credit practically is never interested in such sections as investors of bank, its charter and legislative standards. All this information can be posted in one section «documentation“ and to hide it far away. On the first page it is necessary to take out the interface of work with people - for example, advantages of the credit, an opportunity to fill the Internet - the application or client reviews of products even if they are moderiruyemy. Also the client has to know where and as it is possible to repay quickly the loan what electronic means of payment it can use (it is desirable to provide the full range).

needs to use also social opportunities of the Internet, for example, to establish public help service in the mode it - a line. Also very important in several clicks to offer the client he - a line the application where it could leave all the data and to receive the preliminary answer to what sum of the credit he can count or what benefit will receive from a contribution. The completed application - already on a half the concluded bargain.

it is not necessary to be afraid to be simple, simplicity disposes to trust. If you describe all the services laconically and directly if there is opportunity quickly to come into individual contact, then the Internet - the representative office of your bank will be doomed to success.