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Kazakhskiya language and Latin of

the Tengrinews Agency published on June 6, 2011 the statement of the Minister of Culture of Kazakhstan Mukhtara Kul - Muhammad sounded by it during government hour in the lower house of parliament about the translation of the Kazakh alphabet on Latin. Kul - Muhammad supported passing to Latin in the light of technical progress; to use mobile phones and computers, on belief of the head of Ministry of culture, it is convenient with the Latin alphabet. However at the same time he declared that it is a political question. He reminded that the President declared need of studying of a subject of transition to Latin more than once, and so far the issue is not resolved yet. “The question is serious, I am not final instance“, - Mukhtar Kul - Muhammad finished the answer.

As well as any sovereign state, from the moment of independence finding, Kazakhstan actively pursues finding policy Kazakh of the full and not formal status of a state language. In process of development of processes, several programs which were realized consistently were adopted, however until now the full and comprehensive solution of a question it is not reached. Now the new program which has to eliminate still the available defects is adopted. Occasionally some socially - political figures exaggerate a question of adoption of the additional language program which would allow to translate Kazakh into Latin.

The historical background is as follows: in the majority of suburbs of imperial Russia national writing was not in general. In particular, in Kazakhstan, among the small competent population the Arab writing was used. The advanced national cultural leaders of that time made attempts of writing of texts in Kazakh with use of the same Arab font, but they had no system character, in a type of not demand as the overwhelming number of local population did not own even diploma elements.

After revolution, in the period of the company on illiteracy elimination, for display of the Kazakh speech on paper, Latin which use allowed to create bases of the Kazakh writing was entered. This action played the positive role in mastering of broad national masses the diploma. However, in view of apparent defect of symbols of Latin for the most reliable transfer rather difficult, in certain cases a unique, phonetic basis of Kazakh, it was necessary to refuse Latin, and Cyrillics was entered. However and symbols of Cyrillics was too insufficiently therefore at modern Kazakh there are several additional specific letters.

Discussion on this matter carries purely political value now and is provocatively imposed by the pro-nationalist forces aspiring in what that would not become, in the shortest possible time “to be exempted“ from everything that is connected with the near past of peaceful co-existence of fraternal peoples of the Soviet Union, that is to put beliefs in consciousness of already today`s generation that the Soviet Union (and Russia as his assignee), except as negative influence on development of Kazakhstan was not brought. Negative sides are accented, holding back a positive essence. Besides, the question is lobbied by the circles having influence on cash flows and which wish “to catch a small fish in muddy water“, probably being guided by the fact that if at introduction of a state language many “figures“ “made on it millions“ and successfully hid abroad, then transition to Latin, during an era of the general computerization and new expensive reprogramming practically of all processes of office-work from the existing modern Kazakh of Cyrillics on Latin, in general can become “gold“.

The question is obviously irrelevant today as it was fairly noticed by the minister, emphasizing a crucial role in his realization of the President who, probably, realizes that “time did not come yet“. And Russia still finally “was not filled up“ “to write off“ for it all sins and generation today`s still perfectly remembers a role of the Soviet Union in development of Kazakhstan, a raising of its industrial potential and cultural level of the population in recent times. Besides, introduction problems in life of the country of a state language even on the basis of Cyrillics yet not all are overcome, there passed obviously not enough time for their decision. Billions are spent, and a full solution it is not reached yet.

As for a technical aspect, here special difficulties and obstacles is not present, experience, for example, Turkey (languages have the general Turkic basis), shows that symbols and their combinations in Latin it is quite enough, Azerbaijan passed at once, having saved at the same time considerable material resources. There is nobody not a secret that before finding by our countries of independence, national languages were used generally only in the household and cultural plan, “great and mighty“ as the state language was at the heart of all office-work and in perfection only the limited contingent of the population knew “the“ languages that also duration of their introduction is confirmed by big costs of their introduction as state. Unsuccessful delivery of Kazakh by some, not illiterate (in the standard sense of this word) applicants for the President`s post, bright to that confirmation.

Probably, transfer of Kazakh to Cyrillics, in connection with loss by Russia of the situation in the world, will take place, but it is, in my opinion, care of the next generations. The question only in whether how widely this “new“ language will be demanded and how many additional billions for this purpose will be required “is worth a game the candle“.

The developing geopolitical situation does not dispose to optimism also. In the conditions of the bipolar world Russia quite successfully competed on the world scene that allowed it to keep almost full independence and development of all the territories and the people inhabiting them. From the middle of the last century, not without active “help“ of the West, Russia gradually lost the positions, could not resist to the world capital with market economy, as led to its current situation. In view of presence at Kazakhstan of the adjacent states with the territory, commensurable on the area, but, in difference from 15 million Kazakhstan having the multi-billion population it is not necessary to have “seven spans in a forehead“ to assume that processes of assimilation of neighbors are simply inevitable. What they will accept character, this question will be answered already by history of the next generations.

For today so far the West actively “patronizes“ independence of Kazakhstan, but, it is obvious that these processes will not be able to continue after exhaustion of a natural subsoil of the country. Whether necessary voyenno - political potential will find Kazakhstan by this time to keep the independence already without support of the leading countries of the West? Alas, the current situation of affairs when the industry, the economy and policy “mark“ time without any positive results while it is not confirmed. There is a mass outflow of the capital, revelry of corruption and other phenomena having an adverse effect on achievement of some positive results in this plan.

So Mukhtar Kul - Muhammad, having characterized a question as serious and political, was absolutely right; as the statesman knowing “the question price“ and for the purpose of reduction of absolutely unpromising state costs of this “doubtful“ action told that it is necessary “to wait“ a little, assuming, probably, at the same time that, perhaps then, depending on the developed situation, at once to pass to hieroglyphs.