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What to do with a children`s hysterics?

Children aged from a year to four often suit hysterics. They scatter things, fall on a floor, squeal, stamp legs, fight the head. At some the calm comes quickly, others can throw for hours similar “concerts“, and it seems that never it will come to an end.

Hysterics can arise at kids for various reasons. Most often it occurs if their any desire is not executed to force parents to arrive as they want. Also the sleep debt, fatigue, hunger, a nervous tension or just desire to imitate peers can cause a hysterics.

Psychologists consider that being capricious, kids get rid of nervous overexcitation, a stress, negative emotions. However too frequent hysterics it is necessary to avoid, try to control them. Otherwise over time your life as parents, can become intolerable, and life of the kid - the filled selfish acts and intolerance to people.

It is not so difficult to foresee the beginning hysterics. You notice that your child begins to cry in shops, asking to buy some toy, - it is necessary to explain quietly to him that did not take with themselves the necessary quantity of money and, perhaps, buy it another time. It is the best of all to remember that was asked by your offspring and to buy it on birthday or in other less considerable occasion. Your care and the fact that you do not forget about his desires will be twice pleasant to the kid. Perhaps, during the following visit of shop it will be more tolerant and quieter will belong to your refusal, secretly hoping for the repeated embodiment of dream, and even will just forget about the momentary desire if it and the truth such is.

Begins to shout on a visit, public places or transport. Most likely, he got hungry or was tired. Try to reduce time of walks, stay in such places or do not take it there in general. If the hysterics already began, try to distract the child a toy, some action, amuse him, bring to fresh air, suggest to draw together. It is not necessary to forbid the kid to shout, so you will not achieve the desirable. Quietly ask it to approach you, let`s drink, a toy. Children react to positive requests better, than to the bans told with voices raised.

Small children are not able to control the emotions and can not always put into words with what they are not happy. Try to speak it for them: “You very much wanted this toy, and now become angry because to you it was not bought?“ In most cases children with surprise agree with adults and calm down when their discontent takes logical verbal shape. It is necessary to explain to the child that such behavior is inadmissible as ugly it looks from the party (at least on the example of other child). And if you promised it some punishment for an indecent trick, then realize it from time to time. Otherwise the child will understand that threats are just threats …

I finally: if your child raged outright, nothing calms him, and you precisely know that the reason is covered not in exhaustion or hunger, leave the room. So he will calm down quicker. When there is no the audience, there is also no reason for performance.