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Reservoir of serotonin

the Reservoir of serotonin

Elicited independence. Well - well... Let`s ask amicably now for help of all types, including material, of all who did not ask independence. Triple “UR“, applause, squeals, groans, festive orgy. As my companion truly noticed - “I do not rummage in policy“. Nevertheless, it seems that many “not rummaging“ rummage more, the people of the elite (though, whether the people?) . But we not about it, probably.

The social subject became so demanded that you do not know which of assessors of our main office any more is not so smeared with ekskremeta to continue to comment on it. An infinite flow of magazines, newspapers, telecasts, the neischilimy number of critics, political scientists, sotsolog and other “dens“ just flooded our native mass media, turning them into a pool of senseless, dirty liquid, causing at, so-called, gray masses a phobia, mania some, even melkovaty, changes. But bathing in this small, day after day progressing, a reservoir becomes hobby, already morally tavmirovany, inhabitants. You will not manage to look back as the harmless pool turns already into a bog which slowly but surely, sucks in inhabitants of this, prospering, the countries are deeper and deeper, and at the bottom of oxygen as it is known, not densely, to be exact not at all. But we not under a barrel of the gun dive “shchuchka“ into this congestion of gossips, fears, mournings and other pessimism, the truth? We try! You want to change the mood in opposite good the party - begin to operate the panel from a box more safely. Or check mail - not for nothing, you were voluntarily forced to subscribe for the local rag with the eternal name of the first page, type “all died also we not far off“. Wonderfully, isn`t that so? And thoughts that it is necessary to change something just go as transit goods in these crinkles which, apparently, povylezat from all holes of a human body already soon, and, without stopping, pass along a habitual route “the right ear - the left ear“ and for some reason brake even on final.

Here I also sat, thinking and whether something should be trusted in general even if it is the truth? Having stuck in dispute between my numerous persons, outside, with velocity of light, there was a common sense. When I began to catch without results it on the apartment, proceeding on is not present, tortured by disagreements of my absolutely mad inner selves, suddenly understood that I without it - that feel better! And why is also not present? Becoming useless for society, you become both a president, and the prime minister - the minister, and Ministers of Education, the cultures armed and unarmed forces - it is possible to become shorter to itself the king and without tsar in the head! Funny, truth? Conclusion: in this world it is more favorable and more convenient to be the mad moron, than, eternally upset, gloomy, oppressed by life with all its components, the clever man. It is proved that the small piece of schizophrenia is present at each head - so can this part of a brain and it is necessary - to develop that! You will tell - nonsense? I do not think that Van Gogh would get the huge, world, not growing old recognition, without suffering from some insignificant problems with mentality and other as well as his colleagues from psychopathic shop, such as - Michelangelo and Vinci, Einstein - their da can be listed as much as necessary. Really, reading Kant or Nitshe, you never reflected that this literary trash very much looks like nonsense of the scatter-brained person (in good sense, of course)?. And can be here and the word does not approach “is sick“, can be just the opposite - did not think? Now, diving into this smelly bog of society, you do not become wet - just once to focus attention on something that is not of interest from what not to be produced happiness hormone. Inyektion, causing excessive emission of serotonin, are forbidden - so why not to help a brain without intervention of any illegal preparations? Why the phrase “talented people leave young people“ became already winged? At happiness hormone emission in the large numbers, than your organism got used, in 10 minutes you will live year, and even it is more - the organism wears out, and, sometimes, begins to decay already alive though could remain whole still, at least years 20! It turns out, to be happy longer, than it is intended by the nature, simply it is not necessary! It oppresses. That is why drugs die of overdose. “Happiness dose“ for everyone is defined long ago, and at everyone it different, i.e. some can endure such amount of deadly substance what to the drugogy person would be enough for a lethal outcome. Means, to achievement of this euphoria (in a prostonarodiya - the high) is required to the certain person a separate dose of a preparation. Most of all oppresses that the poor organism, having felt at least just once action of surplus of “happiness“, begins to miss very strongly it and falls into a physical and mental depression, you see he does not want to live without condition of this “high“ any more. Scientists call it an abstention syndrome, we just call it “withdrawal pains“. Here also choose - to feel, though not long, immense happiness, or to torment itself, almost compatible to life, pain and paranoid fears almost everything moving. Whether trap? Of course trap! Many do not know that this most ill-fated serotonin, though not in such enormous quantities, is emitted not only by gradual destruction of the health. Unfortunately it was not known by many outstanding persons, such as Bulgakov, Vysotsky, Tsoi, Cobain, Tupac and many others... We see it, but we do not realize, we do not notice, we do not want to notice. The love, friendship, pleasures from food, sex, just interesting conversation, the movie, the book - all this can partially replace any narcotic substances, without doing harm to health and mentality. Just deriving pleasure from life, we cross through this dirty reservoir, but, unlike those who prefer easy ways, we continue to go further, and this way is correct.