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Love of


Strange, cunning, word. There is no person who would never think of him. The frightening word, the word bringing joy, the word which kills people promotes emergence them on light, drives them in a depression, ruthlessly disposes of their destiny...

Ya came to a conclusion, strange for itself - the love is God. Yes - that great creator of all real, the highest invisible being, sexless, strange, but, installing belief in souls of people. Someone is afraid of it, someone worships, someone sees in it meaning of life, someone does not believe in him. Being an atheist, I all - against such definition of my religious beliefs. I in general against formulations of these views. There are only one definitions of all this rubbish with religious disagreements and when people try to understand it, most likely the utter chaos will begin. Without bearing in love heart, people would not build temples, cathedrals, churches, would not devote life to service to Gods. The love is the prime cause of wars, murders, disintegration of the states, unions, marriages, friendship... The love is a good, Lyubov is the evil. It lights fire in our hearts, and then extinguishes it in our eyes. Edinstveny, but different. Fine, but disgusting. Fair, but freaky. We idolize the mothers, we consider as Saints of the wives or husbands, we pray on material values, are ready to give life for friends, very much we seek to be patriots, in literal sense we worship the idols, placing on walls of their image, like icons, but at the same time we are egoists, carrying this strange God in ourselves... Love. Sozdany us, it cardinally changes to us life, forcing to change ourselves. But the strangest the fact that the love can really cause physical feelings. Studying psychology of this feeling many great thinkers gave up, going crazy, or, forcing itself to forget about the idea of its studying. Charm, isn`t that so? In view of that this most, ill-fated love at all not could be it is invented without intervention of the person becomes clearly that people need to be trusted blindly in that, existence of what cannot simply be proved logically or as - nibud to try to understand - everything vainly, but anyone can safely doubt his existence. So it, - a way to realize the helplessness or the embodiment of hope for the remains something light and disinterested in this fucking world? To solve to you.