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You look for the prince? To read online!

Each woman dream of love. Romantic and fine. And this dream is impossible without the main character - the man.

Our imagined prince has a certain appearance and possesses traits of character lovely to our heart. And, having met the real man, we begin to compare him to our ideal, we wait from it for the same behavior and the same acts which were made by our prince in our dreams.

of Expectation

These expectations often become a source of our disappointments and offenses. If in appearance usually practically everything suits us, then in behavior and character - a lot of things do not coincide with dream. And we rush on searches of the new man, the prince, it of which we dreamed. And again we are disappointed in character and acts. Here in it and a dirty trick. Not men are guilty.

Incompatible traits of character

We often allocate the man of our dream with incompatible traits of character . Each merit has also a reverse side. The strong, rigid and purposeful leader will not be a fluffy domestic kitten, and the soft and quiet father of family cooking borsches to children and serving you coffee to a bed will not fight for career and to make tough decisions. Therefore at first it is necessary to deal with the ideal and to understand what you want to meet “prince“ in real life.

to Accept the real man it what it is?

you understand that to re-educate and “break“ the real man, as well as other adult, it is impossible. It is possible to correct only a little bit, but the main thing governed - to accept it what it is. And not to amuse yourself with hopes that you will be able to adjust it to the ideal. You will not be able. Will leave. Will leave to that which accepts it with all merits and demerits.

We will understand the hidden dirty tricks of our ideal by means of a sheet of paper and the handle. Not enough time and efforts is required that to clear a lot of things and to understand. Usually after this work the mood as there is a confidence and clarity what you actually want is lightened.

we Start business

So, we will line a sheet of paper on three columns. In the first we write desirable qualities of your future elect. What you see it? How you can characterize it? We write on one quality in line.

In the second column we write positive sides of each written quality. Here take your time, present once again the prince and only after that fill the second column. It is very important “to see“ the ideal.

In the third column we write negative sides of each specified quality. At this stage it can be a little difficult as we do not think of it and we do not want to reflect not to spoil all “picture“ about the ideal man. More safely, analyze, write, and then the ideal will become more real and attractive.

That it was easier to fill the third column, try that quality about which you write, to present in bigger concentration, than usually. That is more pronounced in the person whom you represent.

Mark out each quality in the block, having put under it horizontal end. It not to be confused to characteristics.

Having filled in the plate, analyse to what negative qualities of future partner you will be able to reconcile, knowing that the positive side of this quality personally is very important for you.

Think how you will behave in critical situations not to provoke the conflict?


According to this plate can analyse also the real man, she will prompt sources of misunderstanding and the conflicts. The main thing - to understand that is qualities of the person which “are not on friendly terms“ among themselves , and just to choose that is concrete for you more important. The efforts should be directed only to what gives in to change and to look for the best ways of coexistence with what cannot be changed.

My God, let`s me patience accept what I not in forces to change, give me strength to change what I can change, and let`s me wisdom learn to distinguish one from another.

(Reynold Neyboro)