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The family is happy. Myth or reality? As much we tell

about the difficult family relations, about problems which, of course, are present at any union of the man and woman. However, not all study as them, some prefer to accumulate, force, it is possible also that without realizing.

Understanding comes over time, there is no wish to speak about age, happens that life will manage to beat birches and for a short period if its lessons ignore and forget to listen at least occasionally to the vnturenny voice.

By 27 years I for the first time felt that the Family means. It is not a stamp in the passport which in due time I so wanted to catch because SO it is NECESSARY because also to me, and my relatives will be so quieter... The family is a creation on which it is constantly necessary to work, the family is a feeling of security, relationship, unanimity and, eventually, happiness.

The model “you-me, I-you“ does not work for a long time. Learned at first hand. As read many books about unconditional love as long dreamed of it... And... Delilah of a duty, compared their complexity. It is natural to eat division into man`s and female work, but recently sides are somehow washed away. Someone complains that men were translated and it is necessary both to earn nails, and to drag weights, and someone blames our female population that undertook to stop on the run a horse and forgot such concepts as feminity, tenderness, fluidity, sexuality. Everyone is in own way right...

Personally my opinion that the person on the spirit is free, and we should not navyazvat actively the opinion to someone, forcing it to actions. Perhaps and it is simpler to press, swear, threaten. But such behavior model is destructive. In any home there have to be conditions that as well as the wife, and at the husband had a desire to create, protect and protect a cosiness of the dwelling, to care about the friend the friend, to raise healthy and happy children.

So often life destroys families because spouses concentrate only on is mute, but not on the relationship.

Many of us forgot to give love because even we have no time to love ourselves, affairs, cares, duties... The pursuit of money, career, the status, time deprives of us the main thing - ability to enjoy life, the nature, by itself, communication with relatives, the family and even unfamiliar people.

Stop for a minute, think whether everything suits you what really you want when last time praised themselves and someone nearby when ceased to hurry and think of problems...

In your forces it is even better to make the life, still nasyshcheny, even more kindly. Begin with the thoughts, think positively, find even in trifles a certain pleasure, remember the childhood as it was necessary for us then for happiness a little, and nothing changed! You became just more adult, is more skilled, and now... you can realize all the dreams!

You appreciate a tselovek who is near you, you chose him, and it you, means a meeting is not casual at all, respect his interests, views, smooth acute angles, you work on creation of the Happy Family.

Good luck to you and love!