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“Eagle of the Ninth legion“: where you, real heroes?

Americans, feeling in itself imperial ambitions, it is frequent and with pleasure address subject of great empires of the past, especially placing emphasis on Ancient Rome.

Practice of shootings of peplum with grandiose scope and improbable production ambitions exists very long ago. Notable digressions to history are memorable to much: “Kamo of a gryadesha?“, “Ben - Gur“, “Spartak“, and also rather recent “Gladiator“, “The last legion“ and “Centurion“.

The last two movies pointwise operate the story about the sad known Ninth legion mislaid in full strength in the marshy woods of Britain where Romans unsuccessfully conducted educational activity in the ranks of ungrateful barbarians.

Unlike the weak international project “Last Legion“ where, okromya heaps of the invited world stars and to look - that there is nothing, and “Centurion“, frankly foggy on form and content, the new tape of Scot Kevin McDonald promised to become a peculiar break in a genre. Well, not break, and worthy mentions sample. That it was not a shame to people to look in the face. But, as usual, there were many promises, and in actual fact it turned out quite different.

… Gloomy Britain. After events with loss of the Ninth legion which disgraced a family of the Roman soldiers by the name of Achilla the young centurion Mark arrives to a camp of garrison to accept command and to try blood and then to restore justice. War by war, but the young man not only is eager for fighting glory and feats, but also wants to find out the truth about destiny of the father, his legionaries and the well-known gold standard in the form of an eagle.

The first battle sends without measure of the acting heroically Mark to a bolnichka where to it on the quiet write out pension. Struck by so prompt completion of the career, the companion is depressed. And here, from nowhere, gleams were outlined in an old story - someone somewhere saw how a certain tribe of Britons worships the Gold eagle. Without thinking twice, having taken in roles of the conductor of the newly made slave Esku, Mark goes to a distant cordon to find a valuable piece of metal and to put the fat end in the history of the Ninth legion … is not Even believed

that a director of “An eagle of the Ninth legion“ is that Kevin McDonald who shot the magnificent drama “Last King of Scotland“. I understand, this time at the disposal of McDonald there was no brilliant Forrest Whitaker and talented James Makevoya. Instead producers palmed off on it the “ascending“ star in the form of permanently sad Channinga Tatum, to a disgrace of overgrown Mark Stronga and the grown old Donald Sutherland. And the last was obviously taken for greater effect because neither normal remarks, nor character for a star of such level just were in the scenario.

Jamie Bell who got a role of the slave Eski became the only light spot in the gloomy picture of dirty heathlands. Bell was convincing, professional and really looked like the descendant of unsubdued barbarians. All other performers, obviously, worked the fees and akterstvoval as though from - under sticks, strainedly and false.

We will begin with the fact that the movie simply boring. In nearly two hours of screen time it will not be gathered also fifteen minutes of active actions, all battle scenes are schematical, transient and snyatypo to the principle “leave, I shoot the drama here, but not the historical fighter“. The last time I felt similar disappointment from pederastichny (forgive my French) Oliver Stone`s boyevichka “Alexander“. The same thoughtful reasonings on a military valor without distinct demonstration this.

The picture is deliberately shot in dirty, gloomy tones to emphasize that action happens at the time of lack of municipal conveniences and existence of total neglect. However, all heroes, whether it be the Roman senator or the soldier of the barbarous tribe, distinguish white equal teeth on which more than once walked “áëåíäàìåä“ together with “kolgeyty“. Like, we here a leaf wipe, but in an oral cavity we watch purity. Aha.

Separate “thanks“ to McDonald and screenwriters of the movie for decorated and bedash gray dirt of Indians. I do not know whether this “brilliant“ scenario course in the best-seller of the English novelist Rosemarie Sutcliffe according to which the movie is put was put, but Americans obviously succeeded in desire everywhere to stick the natives. I annoyingly peered in search of wigwams and a pipe of peace, but hands at authors did not reach such details of life of ancient barbarians of Britain. But the fire with the shaman and a tambourine had dancings, tooth give. I am, of course, a nifiga not the historian, but the Scottish tribes of mountaineers in such execution cast melancholy for bright adventure boyevichka of type “Chingachguk - the Big Dragon“ productions of brotherly GDR. Those, at least, were not camouflaged under the serious drama.

At all slowness of the narration heroes obviously hurry to the final, understanding that to watch their adventures tiresomely. And if at the beginning of the movie still there were some desires to an interesting outcome, then after detection by Mark and his faithful Eska in the woods of the remains of the lost Legion in the person of bearded yokels - farmers all intrigue finally sank into oblivion. The ending was bespotted in general in purely Hollywood style from what the disappointment was replaced by permanent disgust.

Read other responses and cried over “the worthy image of honor and valor cultivating patriotism at present youth“. Forgive, unless honor of the soldier is in coolly to finish the unarmed opponent, especially the child? Or valor can shines in the opinion of the Roman centurion Tatum when he sends to certain death the soldiers who laid down arms long ago? Ah yes, I forgot, all cheese - pine forest from - for gilded figurines of a bird, having returned whom, the legionary will be able to sleep peacefully, and senators will bless it on further “feats“.

Verdict: natural zilch with a heap of scenario mistakes and an indigestible visual row. Even already mentioned “Centurion“ or artless and sample “King Arthur“ against “An eagle of the Ninth legion“ look quite good historical movies. And “Gladiator“ at all his Hollywood loshchenost - simply a masterpiece of world cinema.

By the way, when viewing “Gladiator“ and Russell Crowe are remembered more than once, once again proving the fact that in similar tapes the main character has to look not as snusmumrik with sad eyes of a sheep, and the brutal soldier.

Otherwise, alas, all these attempts to get used to an image of times of the Roman Empire are not worth a penny.