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Whether it is possible to get rid of cockroaches forever?

Cockroaches - perhaps, the most unpleasant insects who live near us. Therefore we, having noticed in the apartment or the house of these uninvited lodgers, seek to move them and as soon as possible.

How to get rid of cockroaches in the apartment? For this purpose there is a set of ways, effective and not really. However some of them are unhealthy people and animals, others leave an unpleasant smell in the room. And the most important - know that you will manage to get rid of cockroaches forever hardly.

Cockroaches are perfectly adapted for life in our apartment houses which especially have refuse chutes. Even if you will use service of a sanepidemstantion in their destruction, then without insects will rejoice at most half a year. Whether it is possible to try will get rid of cockroaches independently, without resorting to the help of experts?

It is worth beginning fight against insects with preventive measures. For a start all products which at you are stored not in the refrigerator it is necessary to pack into plastic bags to get rid of a food smell. In kitchen to wash all cases with detergents and to wipe dry. To close air vents a small grid and to close up all cracks from where these uninvited guests on a visit can come crawling to you. And they if neighbors begin to drive them, by all means will come running to your apartment secret tracks.

You remember, at Korney Chukovsky: “A cockroach, a cockroach, a tarakashechka, a zhidkonogy kozyavochka - a bukashechka....“

Not it it and zhidkonogy, this moustached insect who lives with us in the neighbourhood. If you, using an antiquated way of extermination of cockroaches, slam one red spy a slipper, then he and with the broken legs will creep away on kitchen, will get drunk waters and after a while oklematsya.

By the way if cockroaches a long time can do without food, then they cannot do without water in any way. It for them, appears, is vital. Therefore no dripping cranes, drops on a kitchen table and the more so on a floor should be. Well, and the fact that the hostess should not leave dirty ware in a sink and it is necessary to keep clean a garbage can, we will not even remind.

If you come to household shop and ask, than notify cockroaches in the apartment, will offer you “the most effective remedies from cockroaches“. These are various aerosols and gels, traps and lodges, pieces of chalk and other. Let`s try to understand them.

Gel from cockroaches is on sale in syringes and is ready to the use. Use it as follows: on perimeter of the room or kitchen along a plinth put gel drops at distance about 10 cm from each other. As packing says, in 3-7 days cockroaches will disappear. Today gels the Liquidator, Globol, Dokhloks, the Raptor and the Killer are considered as the most effective (names speak for themselves).

The trap for cockroaches represents a round box, like gutalinny, with openings - entrances. Inside, as you, probably, guessed, there is a poison. Such box easily fastens a flypaper in the place where most often there are cockroach parties. Not bad proved such traps as Raid, the Battalion commander and the same Raptor.

A cockroach lodge - no other than the cardboard box stylized in the form of an izba. Inside a bait which even the most full cockroach to refuse not in forces. But there is still an adhesive tape on which the cockroaches who came to regale remain stiffened forever. It should be noted that this method of fight against cockroaches is absolutely harmless to your pets.

If you buy an aerosol, then it it is necessary to spray various cracks, door jambs and other secret cockroach tracks. There are such quite good aerosols how Raid (on backs of the opponent, perhaps?) and Baygon. It is better to change aerosols more often that cockroaches had no accustoming and tolerance to means.

The simplest is a piece of chalk from cockroaches. To them once a week is drawn by lines and circles. They say that the cockroaches put with a piece of chalk of a strip to overcome not in forces. They act on insects as red tags on wolves during winter hunting.

Well and, at last, we will tell how to get rid of cockroaches in the national ways.

In olden days peasants vystuzhat a log hut in the winter, opening windows and doors wide open. It appears, cockroaches do not love a frost. However now citizens will hardly use this way.

And here to go to a drugstore and it is not difficult to buy boric acid there at all. It - the most effective remedy against moustached insects. What should be made then? Boil couple of potatoes, one egg and make of them mashed potatoes. Add sunflower oil and boric acid. From the received weight roll small balls and spread out them on cockroach tracks. Once the cockroach touches this bait with the moustaches - and he is doomed. The same fate is prepared for all other his fellows living in your house or the apartment. Have patience, and through three - you will sweep out four weeks dead insects in tens, and soon simply you will forget about them.

However it must be kept in mind that if at least one cockroach female managed to lay eggs prior to total destruction, then in several quiet months you will notice the uninvited lodgers again. Then repeat a national way.

This time you will already precisely get rid of cockroaches.