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Why the person needs to learn himself?

In the ancient time on Apollo`s temple in Delphi were traced saying: “ Learn yourself “. Was considered that saying it was transferred from Ancient Greek god Zeus to the son Apollo who, according to myths, and founded this temple. And the oracle of the Delphic temple in turn foretold the truth transferred from gods to people. The philosopher Socrates after visit of the Delphic temple took this saying as a basis of the philosophical knowledge. He addressed studying of the place of the person in the world, having moved it, according to Cicero, from heaven to the earth.

Many years passed since then. However the relation of the person to the place in the world is far from sokratovsky today. The few people were ready to agree at all times with the fact that they create own life.

Why it is difficult for person to take all measure of responsibility for himself, to address first of all itself? Roots of such general dislike for concept responsibility are extensive and go deeply to human history. The imposed principles, formation of religious dogmas as fundamental people in life were reduced to a postulate: look for the enemies of outside . Hope for favor of the highest forces, do not seek to change something in the life. Because everything is providence, little depends on you. Fate, fate, destiny - derivatives of such treatment of human existence. Of course, to argue on that, it is correct or not and that there is an ultimate truth, - it is disputable. As it is impossible to provide the final proofs confirming their validity or falsehood.

But! It is easier to compare results which various approach to self-determination of in this world yields to the person. If this approach makes the person happy, and his life - full and filled, then approach or the principle can be considered safely well-founded. If is not present, then approach vryad has the right for existence if only the person does not want to suffer and accept all life these sufferings as a natural reality. Therefore it is possible to compare: what the position of removal from itself of responsibility for own life and a position of its full acceptance gives to the person. In other words, where the look - in the person, is turned into his essence, or around it.

to be or not to be?

of People which completely relies upon providence and there lives by the principle “not we such, life such“ , perceives the events which are taking place in his life as accident. Bad luck, disorders at work, in communication with people around, private life - everything writes off for unsuccessfully developed circumstances and bad destiny. The negative sent to the party perceives as injustice and feels own powerlessness something to change to the best.

In general, such approach in a different way it is possible to call a position of the victim. The victim which got used to cry, complain and look for enemies around itself. For it the world is full of dangers and enemies, any discrepancy of personal plans to vital circumstances is intrigues of fate, injustice and the notorious law of meanness. Such here sad picture which developed in the head since the birth. In total - result of general delusion of the relative place of the person in world around.

On the contrary, those who at least partially take a postulate on responsibility and the personal choice for own life sometimes meet. Also it is ready to look at world around as on reflection of a personal inner world, the views of him and people in it. Though, of course, the first category is dominating. What is no wonder because all of us left society which, in turn, developed in the similar direction throughout many centuries. Owing to what among people the position of the victim and sacrifice is so widespread.

Is unmasked

Why the person needs to learn himself? First of all, it will help to recognize responsibility for own life . From a position of the responsible person it is already easier to consider life as a result of the thoughts put since the childhood of programs, installations and dogmas. Life - as reflection of the fact that the person in himself is ready to receive from it to what he is internally ready, concerning what predubezhden and on what reactions it is programmed.

Full value and a solvency of such approach is confirmed by practice. And the one who, overcoming own resistance, is capable to take the responsibility for the life sees in surrounding reality not of threat and an obstacle, and new opportunities, in himself - of the creator of own life .

We will repeat Ancient Greek saying: “Learn yourself“. Unmask with yourself the victims. And as soon as this first step will be taken - responsibility for the life is conferred on own shoulders, - sacrifice will be dissolved in a non-existence. Nobody, except the person, defines quality of his life. The secret of perception of reality is hidden in him. In his thoughts, prejudices, installations, etc. All this wonderfully creates perception filters via which we see the world such what are already in advance ready to see it.

As soon as you assume responsibility, understanding that the world is reflection of your inner self, and you begin to change respectively yourself and the relation to the world, the reality changes.

In this new reality there is no place to dramatic nature and a break, charges and notorious “witch-hunt“ any more. Coming back to Socrates`s saying, it is possible to tell: if you want to deal with own life, look for the reasons why it developed as it developed, then learn yourself. And you will find in yourself what defines your reality. And then can decide what to do farther to transfer life to qualitatively new level.