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How to endure crisis, or “That it is necessary to live, to know life much“?

As well as many of us living in these uneasy times I repeatedly and thought the most attentive image of what needs to be done that again without loss for health and the life to endure the next economic crisis, devaluation, an increase in prices. To have hard times and to live adequately and fully life. And every time conclusions to which I came were not original, to them came to me - and hundred years ago, both two hundred, and one thousand.

Each of us thinks and arrives, first of all, depending on the got an education, life experience and modus vivendi - - do not want life which, you want, and nevertheless, in a varying degree, defines our consciousness, our way of life. All our thoughts and decisions which form our further life also follow from them consciously and subconsciously, as a rule.

I will not expatiate on economic, financial and mathematical aspects of a subject. For example, how to save more money from the family budget how to spend less, and to buy as much how to stock up with products of prime necessity and to keep them that they were not eaten by a bug - buckwheat - rice - mukoyed (bugs evolve too and expand the menu). How to buy the TV or the washing machine so that then to sell them twice more expensively, etc. Just because for the set subjects and without me there is enough practical advice. And a practical advice - that is business, at me, most likely, it will also not turn out.

And I would like to concentrate on another. Not on what provides an imaginary, material survival and even prosperity in our world mammons - that, alas, for many became equivalent happy and full-fledged life and they the friend also cannot think of anything. And on what actually can calm, allocate the homo sapiens with feeling of freedom and bring a little happiness in this uneasy world, from my point of view.

On the set subject at Confucius we read: “Strive not for satisfaction of the desires, and to their underestimation - and you will be happy“ . That is do not hurry to indulge the all the time increasing requirements. Their most part is not vital and carries all signs of a chimera, illusion and the lie which is beautifully wrapped in a festive candy wrapper, defect and nonsense. And it is rather on the contrary: disposal of these requirements - illusions will release you, will give you more free time, will save money etc. of

At Arthur Schopenhauer other interesting thought in a similar key flashes: “The homo sapiens, first of all, has to seek not for taste of pleasures of life, and for avoidance of sufferings“ . And many sufferings, torments of mind and heart of the modern person, feeling of inferiority, self-flagellation, envy and hatred are far-fetched, only are directly connected with impossibility of satisfaction of those numerous requirements to which the modern person so became attached and without which satisfaction, it seems to it, his life becomes defective.

Sometimes it seems that many of us do not live, and satisfy the all the time increasing requirements. Also act this way, being not even able to receive from it a little - malsky pleasure. Not to run after satisfaction of one of “vital requirement“ it is rather to satisfy following, without having managed to enjoy the first. And then the subsequent. And then more and more... And so indefinitely, in a circle of alleged cares which to us seem most important on light. (It seems how to take and pile up tasty food, binge and sex in one heap and to try to carry out all this in ten minutes. Mission is reached, heights set by society are taken, and there is no pleasure).

The person surrounded himself with such quantity excessive and almost always the objects limiting its freedom what not to be their slave and he is not able not to be in a permanent condition of a certain inferiority, in case of their lack and discrepancy to representations of society concerning their quantity and quality, any more.

Mass media, our friends and acquaintances, modern life with an enormous power of persuasion impose us without what we allegedly cannot live in any way. Apartments, dachas, cars, prestigious work, various means of comfort, articles of clothing, food, company and branded, - everything has to be up to standard and in due quantity. Otherwise - you are a loser. Loser. Defective.

In our small city 200 000 vehicles are the share of the population in 380 000 people, on the most modest statistics. Each man respecting himself and everyone how many - nibud the attractive girl, they need it or not, surely seek to take seat in some / at “Opel“, “Peugeot“ or “Toyota“ - the benefit that this scrap metal from Europe a rod for nothing. While from one end of the city in another by bus it is possible to pass in forty minutes, and even on foot, straight, to pass it in two hours, and the fact that “your territory“ with the place of residence, work and other interests - 2 km in length and as much in width, you without fail wish to seat the already got fat back in some rattletrap. And what, you red, perhaps? Reasons of health and protection of the Wednesday surrounding us - at all cause a Homeric laughter not to smoke on all corners “Opels“ and “Pyzhikami“ at anxious “how to survive“ the majority.

The car is super. The car is abruptly. Car - means of prestige. And that who does not have it, causes any feelings, except envious. And meanwhile, who should sympathize? To the one whom how in the famous song, “the car has, but not I“ and who at our modest salaries needs to support somehow constantly “her“ - to repair it, or the one who is consciously deprived of these problems goes on foot and does not breathe automobile waste?

Some of my employees, on some period each two days deprived of an opportunity to change the dresses and suits, trousers and jackets, hairpins and sandals on our production podiums, fall into deep thoughtfulness a la “There is nothing to put on“. And in every way and means try to diversify the already various clothes even more. (Somehow one woman of fashion admitted another that she has in a case three tens seasonal articles of clothing and two footwear. And here what to put on - she will not apply mind). And I somehow deeply thought of what it has to be a headache, constantly update the external cover.

The old car or its absence, the outdated mobile phone, absence of the house of the computer or the high-speed Internet on it, an unfashionable style of footwear and breed of a dress, absence of “microwave“ and “stiralka - the automatic machine“ houses and also insufficient until the end of life, in case of the next crisis, reserves of salt, sugar, buckwheat and flour - all what many of us cannot reconcile to in any way. And why loudly complain about crises and life in general.

There are no doubts that disposal of this slavery and transition to a simple mode of a vivenda, enlightenment of all that alluvial scab of things and things, false perceptions and appertseption which millstones hang on our neck will give the chance to sigh a full breast, to manage to be glad on - furtively the life escaping us, will make us happier.

Our ancestors spoke: “Everything that is necessary for the person - it is a piece of bread and a glass of milk. The rest - from the Evil“. The sense is in that, the person can perfectly do without one thousand things without which it does not represent the life. And not only to manage, but also to lead richer, interesting life, without chasing its first half chimeras, and the second - disappointedly being distressed about it. And crises, by the way, it is excellent opportunity about it to reflect. That present, and that false.