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How to transfer air flight?

Despite convenience of movement on the world by means of aircraft, this type of transport are one of the most stressful for an organism.

For this reason it is better to be prepared for air flight in advance. It is worth remembering some rules and to adhere to them that flight went without special problems for your health and a morale.

So what is recommended and do not recommend to do during flight?

Just before flight try not to take carbonated drinks, from - for pressure differences you during flight can have very unpleasant feelings.

In the flight try to drink span as much as possible, it is desirable - everyone half an hour. It is the best of all to drink water or juice with vitamin C (grapefruit, pineapple, orange, etc.) . And here it is better not to use coffee and tea - they not in the best way influence nervous system and can promote uneasiness development, especially at those who are afraid to fly.

Also from - for dry air in inside of the plane it is better for span to remove contact lenses to avoid unpleasant feelings in eyes (dryness and reddening), and to put on glasses. Therefore do not forget to take with yourself the container for lenses.

Remove footwear. It is possible even to take with itself in hand luggage dense socks not to sit absolutely barefoot. Periodically you twist stupnyam, rearrange them from a heel on a sock or do yourself massage of foot. The list of special exercises is even published in logbooks of some airlines - do not neglect them, note. Each hour it is desirable to rise from a chair and to warm up. The legs are not recommended to be crossed too - it can promote stagnation of blood in a small pelvis.

Also for your convenience with itself can take a special pillow for flight, she will support the head during a dream and will create additional comfort in a neck. With such pillow the neck is not tired and practically does not become numb.

If problems with vessels are available, it is better to consult before flight with the doctor. Perhaps, to you will suggest to accept kardio - or usual aspirin in the corresponding dose, it dilutes blood and helps to transfer flight easier.

If during take off and landing stuffs up ears - stock up with sosatelny candies. Some airlines distribute them to passengers on the plane, but it is better to take candies with themselves. Also from unpleasant feelings in ears helps to open widely a mouth as though you yawn.

during flight can drink a small amount of dry wine. However do not abuse alcohol - you do not know how the organism at height can behave.

Before flight it is desirable for span to sleep, it will clean excess nervousness.

Try not to fly with cold or a stuffy nose. Feelings at take off and landing - as though in the head the grenade explodes, at least, and it can be fraught for you if weak vessels.

These councils will help you to transfer air flight with the smallest damage to health and to be in the destination not squeezed out as a lemon, and full of strength and looking good.

Good flight and pleasant travel!