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System “all inclusive“: whether it has a future?

of Answers to this question can be at least three: the system “all inclusive“ either will become extinct as superfluous, or will win the world of mass tourism, or as it and occurs now, in certain countries and in some hotels will find the admirers ready to pay at once for everything to have an opportunity to have a rest and not to think of money during holiday.

It is very pleasant to give forecasts for the future. If the forecast was correct, it is possible to blow out important cheeks and to take orders from persons interested to learn the destiny. If the forecast did not come true, there is always a chance to write off failure for changeability of life and unpredictability of circumstances. So I am ready to give three versions of succession of events at once not to get bad shot.

But that all my forecasts looked more powerful, I will try to explain why can happen so or so, or otherwise.

The honourable homeland of all inclusive is solar Turkey. Except this country, the system is used “all inclusive“ not by smaller success only in Dominican Republic. Other countries which are successfully accepting foreign tourists either do not use this system absolutely, or arrange in resorts hotels - reservations for fans of conditionally free food, drink, binge and entertainments.

It is useful for whom to accept the tourists who paid “all inclusive“? To owners of hotels? Yes. To organizers of excursions? Too yes. excursion “Yacht trip“ of all inclusive costs to

In Turkey $45, a yacht trip where only the lunch is included, and all drinks are provided for an additional fee, costs $25. But it is possible to bargain also for $20. I will share own experience.

As the guide accompanying tourists on the yacht I had an opportunity free of charge to take any soft drinks in the bar. Sweet branded aerated water does not satisfy thirst therefore I drank only water and tea. On a heat getting thirsty, and I drank water about a liter plus a cup - another of tea for all trip. The Polutoralitrovy bottle of water costs about one dollar, a cup of tea - dollar. We consider expenses. It is less than $20, that is a difference not in favor of the client.

Even if the client prefers to satisfy thirst with beer though at a forty-degree heat it and is unreasonable, all the same for $20 beer he will not drink. And if to think that beer for tourists is wholesaled and the price is far from store, then to cover a dvadtsatibaksovy difference in permit cost, the unfortunate tourist should pour in himself liters of the 15th reviver in 6 hours of a trip.

In case of purchase of the permit in hotel on system “all inclusive“, benefit is not so obvious to a host, and it is more difficult to give concrete figures.

Advising the clients, and also relatives and acquaintances, I repeatedly suggested them to choose a tour on this system, giving arguments that “on water you will spend on drink more“. My council was actual only when the desirable hotel is located far from human housing, shops and restaurants at which it is possible to buy everything for the acceptable money.

That there was no incorrect impression that it is unprofitable to have a rest with all included service for tourists, it should be noted special cases. To the woman who went to rest with two - three children, it is more convenient to have all possible services and entertainments for her family in the territory of hotel, than to run on streets of others country to buy one child aerated water, to another ice cream, and to the third porridge which should be cooked then in the electric kettle. In good hotels for all family members there will be also a food to taste, both drink, and animators - inventors, and the free beach with umbrellas and plank beds.

To fans to eat and drink, without limiting itself, all inclusive will be favorable too. Though it is necessary to eat and drink not that ordered, and with what will be able to please hotel depending on its level and cost.

What it is dangerous to have a rest on system “all inclusive“? Much - does not mean well.

“If I already paid for everything, then I will eat and drink, I will not burst yet“, - the average tourist thinks. “If the tourist all the same begins to eat and drink, will not burst yet, then he is interested only quantity, but not quality“, - owners of hotels and organizers of excursions think. Also begin to save. For example, on food.

The cutting from fresh vegetables which remained after a breakfast by a lunch mixes up and filled in with sauce - salad turns out. The remains of salad are closer to a dinner are baked and move as ragout. The remained ragout next day - gravy to a meat dish or a stuffing for pizza and pies.

But it not the most unpleasant. The economy on alcohol for tourists in Turkey led this year to the tragedy and death of people. The promo tour is the trip organized for the staff of travel agencies which have to estimate on themselves quality of the provided services. Therefore for them both tour operators, and hotels, and organizers of excursions always tried to prove to be from the best party. Such tragic opening on about one seasons from the most respectable resorts of the Turkish coast of the Aegean Sea can be apprehended as an occasion to say goodbye to system “all inclusive“ in that form in what it is presented today.

The Turkish economists say for a long time that at least partial refusal of hotels of all inclusive will give chance to development of restaurant business in resort regions and will give an opportunity to tourists to choose - what to eat and drink during holiday.

In my opinion, it is more useful to drink a glass of good wine and to pay for it cash, than to be loaded by liter of compote of a muffled origin. But it is only my opinion.

In several years it will be possible to learn what of my forecasts concerning system “all inclusive“ will be repaid. For now all need only to wish successful summer holiday: so, so or otherwise.