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To visit - destiny of provincials?

the Mother-in-law, the radical Muscovite, puzzly asked me by phone, having heard fervent laughter in a drawing room: “How, at you again guests? What for a rural manner of all to the house to itself to call? Then, probably, and still you visit?“ To tell the truth, I did not expect such question and just kept silent.

Of course, it was possible to say no to it that it, certainly, is right - at us in Siberia from where I am, it is accepted to communicate. People like to do it not as in the capital - once in a year and only in special cases, and on a need of the heart, requirement to talk, sit in the sincere company.

Parents, grandmothers, relatives, taught me to be the example hospitable, to be able to set beautifully the table, to well cook, entertain guests (you know, phrases: “Now we will look at our family album!“ or “Look at my portfolio... “ considerably save products and binge), to appreciate and support communication.

And now to me try to impart “capital taste“ - to meet in the neutral territory of cafes, restaurants, to home call only the closest relatives strictly by the preliminary invitation, like it: “Dear grandmother, whether you will desire it - that numbers of this month to come to visit the beloved grandson at any time convenient for you? He misses and will be glad you to see“.

If for some very polite and delicate people it is normal to meet sisters of times in half a year, and even is more rare, living in one city, then it is unacceptable for me. As well as statements “The less we communicate, the more we are loved“ and “The best relatives - which live far - far“.

It is really better to hold working, neutral meetings in the neutral territory, and here for a friendly chat the house atmosphere seems to me the most suitable. With friends we agree about meetings, relatives warn about arrival, however all of them know that doors of ours (mine and the husband) houses are open for them always.

Unless the loved one is not the one who is ready to divide with you both a grief, and pleasure? To lend a shoulder at a difficult moment without preliminary arrangement?

... The free bottle of cognac can fly by by if the friend will go to note the divorce in a tavern.

As the hospitable hostess I want to share with you harmful councils as it is better to behave in others house that you became the most welcome and long-awaited guest there:

1. do not believe that the uninvited guest - is worse than the Tatar. Adhere to Winnie`s principle - Down: “Who visits in the mornings, that arrives wisely“. The surprise - a magnificent gift to owners as causes the whole palette of emotions, does life various, full, saturated.

2. The your visit, the more remarkably will be more original. For example, why to ring a door if from the birth at you strong fists and a loud voice.

3. If you gathered on a visit, then take with yourself couple more of companions - “for a set“.

4. Surely take with yourself dogs, cats and other living creatures. When still an opportunity to eat on a visit, to mark someone else`s footwear, to try new wall-paper on taste, to get acquainted with other pets of owners is presented to them? Animals can become a highlight of all meeting.

5. If you have a small child (better even not one), then doors of all your friends, acquaintances, relatives are open round the clock. Especially in the period of a teething and disorders of a gastrointestinal tract at the kid.

6. do not try to control yourself on a visit, come off to the full extent. That holiday which events you are able to remember independently is bad, it is so exciting to restore memory according to stories of friends.

So to go or not to visit - your choice, as well as to invite or not to invite guests to itself. Now, when I expressed a certain irony on paper concerning hospitality and its communication with provinciality, to me calmed down.

I up to the end realized that even in case of performance of the councils offered by me guests will be desired in my house. Because they are my friends, my family, close people, and it is enough that I opened for them a door of the house as for a long time opened for them the soul.

Really, Antoine Saint - Ekzyuperi was right: “The only luxury on light - luxury of human communication“.