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Farewell, personal computer?

In big shop of audio - video equipment where came behind batteries, observed the following picture. Three guest workers from solar Tajikistan (or Uzbekistan) briskly discussed 17 - inch model of the laptop worth about 60 000 rubles. Opened Vista menus, pointed a finger at the price tag, got acquainted with technical data. Obviously wished to buy the machine.

Being an individualist, easily I assume that someone buys one. The computer is obliged to be personal. For, for the wife, for the child, for elderly parents. The dog can be bought too. In total in full accordance with the best model of society - the consumer capitalist.

Only it is unlikely the guest worker will earn nearly 2000 American tenges on the laptop. To it not only most to live, it still home should send part of money to the wife with kids. Here unless for three to take... It turns out thousands on twenty from the person. If on six - only 10 pieces. The netbook is more expensive, and here the sound laptop, a good brand, powerful iron.

Yes, not in individual possession. Cooperative. What in it bad? There live people in cooperative houses. Work in crew, so all will not take seat at once. And it is easy to make the schedule of use. Several accounts with individual settings. Or even one with a uniform mailbox and number in Skype. What to them to hide from each other?

Why three together came, too it is clear: you will not be trampled by all construction crew in shop. Took group of participants, chose responsible, chipped in together. In the native aul besides with one computer relatives of hard workers sit (most likely, parents, wives - that here long ago). And together receive letters, photos, calls. It here the multiuser invention not from good life.

Of course, the computer is better personal (so we got used). Let not the most powerful, stylish and convenient, but all - the. On the other hand, the computer in itself is a set of pieces of iron. Information is individual. Records, the personal diary, correspondence, photos are individual. The blog, the account in a social network is individual. The user needs only access to service necessary to it. Who possesses the video card bringing the image to the display, or who owns the keyboard with which information is entered - to the user to spit. Now it is senseless to discuss a subject of a privacy and confidentiality in principle. Cipher files, do not specify a contact information in “Schoolmates“, adjust Tor and a proxy - the server - to whom it is necessary, your information will be obtained all the same. Even can attribute if what in your biography is not enough.

I do not idealize life of guest workers and life of citizens of the CIS at all in general, but the idea of “the national group computer“ so reminds the futuristic SaaS merging in even more futuristic cloud computings. It is enough to replace my Tajiks with corporations and firms, and instead of the laptop to present the powerful mainframe with services from Google, to Apple (iCloud just announced) or Microsoft.

Only when clever uncles decided that it is more favorable - “the appendix on demand“ or “cloud computing“, and chose suitable business - models, the commonalty solved pressing problems the existing decisions (forgive for a tautology). An exceptional case when the initiative from below moves towards to initiatives from above. Synchronization of bookmarks and contacts, joint access to Google Docs and a possibility of an entrance to service from any point of the world from different computers - all this exists and is actively used. For himself noted a habit to work only in online - editors. And if earlier carefully tried text documents, then now passed also to tables with the presentations.

My imagination drew the alternative world where PC simply did not appear (or already disappeared). What in exchange? Mass distribution of an Internet cafe, creative workshops for fans. Or terminals like phone booths of the Soviet era, only with the built-in display and the keyboard and routers with Wi - Fi, 3G and WiMax. Bus-stops and actually buses with Wi - Fi iliwimax already exist. It was necessary only to build in unpretentious netbooks seats (questions of vandalism I take out for article framework).

The working computer - it is clear, the training computer - is undoubted. But the computer house and personal unexpectedly began to seem a certain aberration which has to correct. Most likely, will correct the future “cloudy“ technologies. And “heavy“ appendices (a photo - and video - editors, etc.) too it will be possible to realize. Finished shooting the holiday in Thailand of HD - a video camera, sent it in date - the oblaka center and set those effects which need to be “attached“ to video. And when came back home - downloaded already ready movie from the server.

It is only an abstract example, but in each abstraction there is a reality share. And the parallel world of not personal computers which is thought up by me gradually merges with our world of “personal computers“.

Postscript . To claim that the laptop was bought, I cannot - did not see the fact of purchase. Perhaps also did not buy. Nevertheless, having visited shop the week given model later did not find.