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How to watch the cult movie?

that day were not needs to think out new game. Yurka appeared in the yard, overflowed with impressions.

- The movie such wildly cool - all the time fight on swords. Musketeers against guardsmen. Guardsmen - bad. Musketeers three - Drantanyar, Athos, Batos and Amis.

We, of course, noticed some discrepancy in arithmetics, but did not begin to confuse the story-teller from - for such trifles.

- Drantanyar at them main, Batos - the strongest, Athos and Amis - is simple. They when gather, Drantanyar carries out muster that nobody was lost.

We were vividly divided into musketeers and guardsmen and prepared for battle. The benefit someone brought recently shalevy firewood so everyone could choose to himself a sword on a hand and on heart. But the expert Yurka who instantly became for special merits Drantanyar forced us to stop.

- Before battling, it is necessary to salute a sword and to tell. Musketeers speak “For the king and the queen!“, and guardsmen - “For the admiral!“.

- Why for the admiral?

- So at them it is necessary.

And fight began to boil. Rather each other we did not cripple, but a stick almost all were hit on a hand.

After battle Yurka remembered still some details. The admiral, appears, existed actually. It was the main thing over guardsmen, the meanie fought against the king and in general. Drantanyar was very poor, before reached that this nice musketeer arrived to the city from the village on pigs. From technical nuances - musketeers have all - except swords there were guns. But purely alarm - from them it was possible to scorch in air before entering fight with guardsmen. The fighting firearms in that world did not exist.

After a while “Three musketeers“ appeared on the poster of our movie theater. We - all with the beaten-off fingers of the right hand - looked several times. Some discrepancies with testimonies of the expert came to light. In one of episodes three (really three - Drantanyar somewhere gadded at this time) the musketeer amicably scorched in enemies from guns (muskets?) . The admiral indeed existed, but some strange, more similar to the priest. Possibly, he pretended to be the priest, otherwise the king instantly would kill him in the first attempt to get into the palace. Unfortunately, a scene of solemn entry of Drantanyar into Paris - on pigs - we could not mark in any way. However, from the eavesdropped adult conversations it was known that some episodes for some reason cut out from foreign movies, most likely, and here the same history.

In several days after the first viewing Vadik shared a secret:

- In the following series of Amis will kill.

But the expert Yurka rejected these data as doubtful. It appears, the following series is finished already shooting, and in it on Batos battling against the whole crowd of guardsmen the rock falls. The fact that someone from heroes has to die, did not raise doubts. Eventually, why then “Three musketeers“?

One more nuance. We never discussed with each other and in general tried to force out the fact that on a uniform raincoat of musketeers the cross is embroidered from consciousness. Perhaps, a mistake of creators of the movie, nice musketeers could not carry the same symbol, as crusaders who were bad by definition, it is even worse, than guardsmen.

In several years it became clear that in city library there is such book. There in general a little what was: instead of James Fenimore Cooper - about Indians - somehow palmed off on me Paul Fenimore Cooper - about polar researches. But “Three musketeers“ - please. Here pertinently will be to tell that it was impossible to have such book in own possession for those times in any way, any book was deficiency in general, and works of such class were distributed only among the high-ranking officials.

Having become several years more senior and having read the book, I understood that between the cardinal and the admiral there is some difference that events were beyond fight between musketeers and guardsmen a little and that d`Artagnan - not a name, but a surname. However, the question as actually called d`Artagnan, tormented me some time. Subsequently it was explained - in one of movies it regularly called Chevalier. On that also calmed down. The fact that the chevalier - became knows not a proper name, but the polite address indicating a noble origin of the interlocutor much later when there were problems more important, and the question lost former sharpness.

About the polite address. Years through twenty after the described events one far advanced lady seriously took offense at me when I told her:

- Hello, milady.

- You why called me the prostitute?

Probably, it had impressions of “Three musketeers“, it was necessary to explain quite to the adult that the milady - at all not a proper name of the main character of the novel. It is unlikely really believed.

And in general, future lady Vinter what counted on? To live with the husband - and never to show him a naked shoulder? But such questions arise already at teenage age. By this time the plot of “Musketeers“ is strongly implanted in consciousness, seldom who decides to attempt upon sacred.

By the way, it is not excluded that “Three musketeers“ are guilty of the frankofiliya prospering in the Russian-speaking environment and a sneering attitude to British. The fact that such phenomenon exists even among professional historians - undoubtedly, and about the fact that it is Alexandre Dumas`s merit - only the assumption, of course.

The assumption is not unreasonable. For the person of my generation at the time of leaving school of knowledge of history for fifty percent are obtained from the well-known novel. One percent - school textbooks. Other forty nine divide among themselves “Alexander the Nevsky“ and - I do not remember how was called - the movie about Robin Hood.

And what else can be expected in the absence of books and the Internet?

Perhaps, and not all such. Somewhere at the most initial school age the fashion appeared to be the poor knight - Robingudovsky, naturally, of the character. One companion, is a little more senior and seriously advanced, vulgarized everything. According to him, knights could exist only in two forms. If the feudal lord - means, rich. The rich knight nobody wanted to be - marksistsko - Lenin education did not allow. But in that case there was an only option - the crusader.

And about crusaders we were informed specifically (you watch the second main source of historical knowledge). The main and only task of crusaders was the gain of Russia, and the main entertainment - throwing in fire of babies. Besides, all crusaders were Germans. At that time did not pass thirty years after the end of war yet, children hated Germans heartily. Adults spoke with badly hidden irony:

- Yes, Germans to us now - friends.

Still in the early eighties the officer (not just the officer - from a regiment political department) could set the task:

- To vydrait everything to gloss - will come on a visit German - fascist companions.

From - for need to register either in rich, or in crusaders knights among us were translated.

Yes, we essentially ignored uniform raincoats of musketeers from - for their suspicious similarity to nalatnik of knights of the Teutonic award - both movies were chyorno - white.