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Where the interesting museums disappear? Vastseliina of

Rain. Not just drizzles, and pours in buckets. In salon warmly and chilly, only it is impossible to injure surrounding with a cigarette smoke. And so - it is good.

Rain. But not for the same we for two hundred kilometers arrived that to sit in the car. Never spur a willing horse.

We get over through a ravine. To reach lock walls, it is necessary to pass the field still. It, of course, not absolutely the fact that life to live, but too - on a dense wet grass. It seems to us, what is so closer, and still it seems that the lock from this foreshortening will be ideal in a picture. And not to go as to people, on specially laid path.

Oh, miracle! In the yard of the lock of a rain it is few. So, something there still drips from heaven gradually, but purely theoretically, it is no more.

Vastseliin`s lock usually badly turns out in photos. On the majority of the websites looks some muffled wreck what only such fans reach as we and if on the way.

Reality - other. Vastseliina impresses and pleases how the real medieval castle can impress and please.

Complexity of photography is that the lock remained fragments. For creation of romantic mood of three towers and one wall - it is quite enough. In the photo it is difficult to create an integral picture.

The lock Vastseliina (Neygauzen) was constructed in 1342 by a landmeyster of Livonia (A Teutonic award) and transferred to possession to the Derptsky bishop. It created some confusion subsequently - as medal to consider the lock or episcopal. On one of the websites in Wang Wastxieliinie two locks are designated at once. In 1558 Neygauzen took Ivan the Terrible`s troops.

One of the towers standing separately - obviously former donzhon - is dollied recently up, in it ladders and platforms are restored. So recently what clearly and quite strongly smells of a fresh tree. We rise by a tower, we admire from above the neighboring rivers and fir-trees.

We go down, we go to an exit. Now on a beaten path as it is necessary. In front of the lock - the field. Before the field - a big barn. Before a barn - the road. On other side of the road - a small lodge, and there is a wish to tell - an izba.

Doors of an izba are hospitably open. Some plate hangs. To read a reluctance - all the same on - Estonian I know only “Tere omikust“, and already rolls an anticipation of hot chocolate or, at least, coffee.

Coffee managed to be got only through 30 kilometers, but I even am not sorry about it. The izba was the museum. And such museum at which exhibits there is a wish to look on the second circle. In it there is nothing impossible, actually there is not a lot of exhibits, and all museum occupies no more than the space, than the two-room apartment. But it does not belittle its advantages at all.

Somehow it seems to meet by magic the museum in the settlement consisting of four, at most five houses, let and near the smart lock, but far from standard tourist tracks. But we will continue.

We enter an izba - a coffee anticipation - and we utykatsya in the knight, with a sword on a belt, proper. Not so on all on closer examination, an armor partial, the basis is made by a chain armor. However. And in real not each knight had enough money for continuous armor. The spouse is strongly surprised with a helmet form. Still - in the majority of the known museums ceremonial or tournament helmets of knights of the latest Middle Ages are exposed. And here - hundsgugel, pyosye a muzzle, fashion of the 14-15th centuries. In a year, in other end of Europe, I was honored hundsgugel to try on it, and at that time to see it alive was pleasant surprise.

The inspector of the museum hospitably welcomes us. I stick with questions. Entrance - free, but more developed information on the reason of a language barrier does not manage to get.

On a table - the model of the lock what it was at the time of prosperity. At a window - a nice glass spider (rather often found medieval symbol). In a corner - a chair for tortures, in a good shape, perhaps, acting. On other little table - crystal blue and yellow checkers on a crystal board. Probably, glass, but the impression is made. On walls clothes are hanging. Medieval, naturally. Everyone - with a label. To a wooden chest two arrows with yellow plumage pinned a note from which appears that suits on fashion of the 13-15th centuries were made by Ilona Aym. The inspector already explained to us that it is on sale. Perhaps, it is not the museum, but shop?

One of walls is not occupied with suits. Here - an exhibition of children`s works. One of them - in English, we study thoroughly. Work - smart. Short, but interesting story of the lock of Vastseliin, plus the picture with the gallows - Ivan the Terrible ordered to execute all defenders of the lock after its capture.

Besides - the general photo of residents of the settlement against a castle wall in medieval suits. In view of Wang`s sizes - Vastseliina, very likely, that all residents of the settlement. Except for the aunt Kai, which separately, in a velvet green dress and astride a horse. Owner of the lock.

At the stand with office information - the website address. There was a wish to learn more about this remarkable museum and about Vastseliin in general. Alas, it was the website of caves of Piuza, too, of course, it is interesting, but at all not that.

In high spirits we abandon Old Vastseliina. So it turned out lovely and unexpectedly. The place where there is a wish to return. However, four hundred km (there and back) - not such a big hook.

The museum and the lock are located in Van (Staraya) Vastseliin`s settlement. Nearby there is also new. To border with Russia - 13 kilometers, to border with Latvia - 30. To the city of Voru where we also went to have supper - 29.

Vastseliina threw thought of the disappearing museums. Here at all extreme option - there is no website, on Vizitestoniya - there is nothing, on the website of the Voru County - a complete silence. Even on the website of the caves which are a row - too nothing. Sophisticated search in Google in three languages - full zero. No, the lock comes across, of course, and quite often, and about the museum nobody knows anything.

Well, now you will know.