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How to change the life?

Each of us at least once dreamed of it is dreamed to change the life. At someone it turned out, at someone not really. Why? It is possible that you set not absolutely accurate purposes. Perhaps, you just had no desire. However if once again you want to change something in the life, so the desire nevertheless is.

What else is necessary? - not to postpone the first until Monday! If you decided to change something and to change, then begin to do it now. And the second - make the plan according to which you will change the life. There is an approximate list that each of us would like to change.

1. Understand what is pleasant to you.

What you want to be engaged in

in this life. You want to be the writer or the doctor, the artist or the economist. It is the very first and most important point. But to understand what you want in life, it is necessary to spend a lot of time and forces. It is a marathon, and nobody knows how many it can proceed.

2. Refuse muck which daily you eat.

If you Cola`s fan and chips, then safely introduce this point in the plan. Any secrets, any diets from celebrities - only healthy and natural food! Stop spoiling the health. Refuse artificial food!

3. Promise themselves to learn three languages in three years.

Either have more than

, or it is less. All right, not three, at least one. It will broaden your horizons. You learn history and customs of other country. These a lot of things will change in your life. You will understand that the world is much more interesting, than it seems. And it will awaken in you interest in life, will present thirst of knowledge.

4. Leave all bad in the past!

They say that without the past there is no future. Nobody asks to refuse it. It is enough to take out experience and not to remember the bad moments any more. The past - a future basis. Analyse the mistakes made by you, write out them in a notebook do not repeat any more.

5. Throw out old and unnecessary things.

If you do not use

any thing more than a year, can safely throw out it. All the same it is not useful to you any more. Clear space of old stuff.

6. Play sports.

it is not obligatory for h2 to visit expensive gyms or pools. Even it is enough daily charging to be in a tone. It is possible to buy roller skates or the bicycle. It is possible just to come every evening for jog. And all. You will be able to come for several months to a tone and to be loaded with positive energy.

7. Buy the camera.

It is possible for

the most usual. It is possible to use the mobile phone. Imprint beauty of this world. In many years you remember the life not on muddy fragments from memory, and according to colourful photos.

8. Do not waste time in vain.

Time - is invaluable

. At us is it and so a little, and we spend it for unnecessary actions. Communication on social networks seems to us such necessary! Viewing of news on 5 times for hour. Silly. If there is something really important, all will speak about it. Viewing of TV series which do not bear to us any advantage... Communication with people at whom there is nothing to learn...

Here so we spend the time. It is much more useful to read books, to communicate with people at whom is to what to learn, to spend time with the family. Appreciate the time! Do not spend it in vain. Try to live every minute with advantage for yourself.

9. Accustom themselves to get up early.

you will be able to make

much more if you get up in the day off at 8 o`clock, but not in 12. 6 - 8 hours of a dream are enough for the person to restore forces.

10. Begin to travel.

it is not obligatory for h2 to buy expensive permits to other countries. It is possible to travel around the city, to study all interesting places, to learn their history. It is possible to travel to other regions. In our country there are a lot of places which are really beautiful!

Well and the last. Do not stop. Believe in yourself. Write down the achievements. You praise yourself. And then at you everything will turn out!