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How to choose a pillow and a mattress from natural latex?

As already reproached me that I did not give the formulation of the “correct“ bed in the previous article, I will dare to write the definition here.

So, “the correct bed“ is a place where you quickly fall asleep, are completely restored, easily get up in the morning and joyfully continue to live.

And I will notice that “place“. Some of my friends are convinced that it is wooden polat in a taiga izba. Someone considers “correct“ only a bed in five-stars hotel on the exotic island. Generally, concerning “place“ - how many people, are so much also opinions.

However we are more often we sleep nevertheless in the bed. Let`s look how to choose what will help to make it “correct“. At once I will specify that it concerns products from natural latex.

for myself I personally recommend to choose pillows most. The matter is that, unlike mattresses and accessories, they demand “fitting“. It is possible to be guided by “description“ in a case when you want to give a gift or you make out the order on the Internet. At the same time it is good to know “how“ presented - on a back likes to sleep, on one side, on a “thin“ or “thick“ pillow. Then you will be able to give it really pleasant gift.

Well and if you already “reached“ thought that also health is time to take care of the, it is better to choose and buy a pillow most and where there is an opportunity “to put“ the head to this pillow.

Why? Yes because - how many people, are so much also the heads, necks, shoulders and problems with health too. For this reason orthopedic pillows do of natural latex the different size, a form, thickness and with a different surface (smooth or “massage“). Ideally - it is necessary to lie down on all “forms“. Believe, you will feel a difference. And your body itself will define the maximum degree of comfort.

By this principle I chose the first pillow. “Tried on“ all forms and the sizes. Left three - an identical form, but different height and with different surfaces. And already from them selected that on which for me any discomfort disappeared. By the way, in five years I never regretted about the choice.

With mattresses more and more simply. It is necessary to know the size and to choose thickness.

There are even less “troubles“ with the choice of a bed for newborns and small children . They do not need to facilitate the course of chronic diseases yet and to be engaged in recovery of health. In most cases. The main thing that is necessary for our kids, - the correct development and growth. And children`s sets cope with this task very well.

Here the choice will depend rather on your opportunities. The newborn can buy only a special pillow, and it is possible to take the whole set. To the kid - to pick up the roller, a pillow or a pillow - a toy. Estimate children`s pillows and mattresses first of all by age criteria. The rest - color of covers, a form, registration - again.

Now that such accessories from natural latex . These are rollers and three types of pillows: under a back, a neck and pillows - seat mats.

Rollers are good for many people, but especially they will please “rheumatics“, radikulitnik“ and those who already have problems with joints of the lower extremities.

Pillows under a back for women and men differ. They are done different taking into account different anatomy. Do not forget about it when decide to get them.

At the choice of pillows for a neck and pillows - seat mats take into consideration amount of time which spends driving, on the plane or in a chair future user, and his “dimensions“.

Well, here. I hope that this information will facilitate to you the choice of some products from natural latex. And to what producer or the manufacturer you will give preference - to solve to you.

It is a subject of separate conversation.