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Horror film “Astral“: where to run from nightmares?

the House with ghosts are as a splinter in a hard-to-reach spot. It seems also disturbs, but it is difficult to get rid. What irritates everywhere. It is asked why to heroes of tapes it seems “Poltergeist“, “Proklyatye“, “Amitivill`s Horror“ and “The paranormal phenomenon“ not to take and not to move where - nibud to the quiet, quiet place? Why all these sessions of an ekzortsizm and spiritism are necessary if it is obvious that jokes with the other world come to an end it is deplorable? And there is a wish to shout in the screen: “Bring down to such from there - swear at that! How many it is possible to try patience of spirits and the audience?!“

Certainly, tupogolovy inhabitants of the house do not leave anywhere. They wander at the nights about the house, listening to ominous poskripyvaniye of doors and floor boards, being frightened by own reflections in mirrors and pisayas for fear at the slightest rustle. In the afternoon the inhabitants of the house frightened very much with the faces distorted from nightmares tell the friend the friend as it is terrible to them to live. But nobody wants to leave a familiar spot, despite the strengthening squall of images and voices. So far in the house there does not come the catharsis. And here as will carry, and it is lucky, as a rule, seldom.

… Happy family Lambertov as a part of the husband, the wife and three juvenile children moves to the new house, is closer to work of the father Josh who works the elementary school teacher. Mother Renee at a leisure composes songs for “Factory of stars“, and also looks after two madcaps and their one-year-old little sister.

And then Lambertov interferes in measured and boring life “something“. Misfortunes begin with that moment as their eldest son Dolton turns into coma vegetable. More precisely the medicine could not be expressed. The boy just sleeps, does not go to school and does not respond to appeals of parents. In the house strange, gloomy voices are heard, behind a window ominous figures wander, and objects, as usual, self-willedally move in space.

The invited star of an occultism of Alice tells the frightened Renee and Josh that this time any moving are useless. The matter is that a source of the evil in their house is the boy whose astral body was removed in the unknown direction and got lost in a kingdom of the dead. Moreover, the daddy too in the childhood sinned with similar travel so “illness“ was descended to his son.

The most unpleasant that powers of darkness do not doze too. The awful and artful demon with the bloody person and hoofs seeks to break in the empty Dolton`s body. Now Josh has only one opportunity to improve situation - to remember the past and most to make the way in parallel measurement to find the son and will pile to the demon on the first …

A to shout - that was. Like, creators of “Saw“ and “Paranormal phenomenon“ united completely to ushatat mentality of the trustful audience. From a trailer of “Astral“ indeed on skin whether goosebumps, whether still what muck ran. Noxious breath of otherworldly horror was felt in a roller.

Of course, all these stories about “haunted house“ stuck on teeth. But authors made a knight`s move, having united in a whole “the damned house“ and “the boy - an astral“. More precisely, they wanted to unite something there, but as a result the old “kind“ fairy tale how mediums expel bad spirits from the house of the law-abiding American citizens who paid taxes in time all the same turned out.

To tell that the movie boring, is impossible. In total - and James Wang, the director of first “Saw“ and horror film about ventriloquists “Dead silence“, and Oren Peli, the author of the made a noise “Paranormal phenomenon“, tried to create the atmosphere in which there is no place to boredom. Predictably? Yes. Not too originally? Yes. But on the screen constantly something occurs. It to you not the long pauses of “The paranormal phenomenon“ forcing to look at the viewer for hours. Heroes rush about, panic, are hysterically frightened and worry. I.e. it is visible that the arisen problems really concern them, but are not a reason for a mock in the afternoon when light-and night ghosts do not seem such terrible any more.

Obvious plus of a picture are main characters of the film Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson (“Keepers“) who manage not only to show “the typical American in a fright“, but also it is not enough - malsk as far as the scenario allowed, to fulfill characters of the heroes. It - the woman cowed by life - mother tortured by threefold children`s loading and goodness knows where from the undertaken monsters. He is the most ordinary school teacher which not in forces to force itself to believe in supernatural until sees it own eyes.

To look “Astral“ nervous, by itself, it is not recommended. The shivering wanderings of a small lamp on corners come to an end with an invariable sharp sound or emergence of a frightening figure, forcing heart to run away in slippers. On the other hand, horrors have to frighten or what sense in them?

Verdict: despite assurances, quite standard horror film with a habitual set of horror stories turned out. However, the declared villains in the form of a krasnolitsy devil and his servants - ghosts left a trifle sickly frightened more, than zlodeystvovat. Even the modest granny did more troubles, than the decorated artiodactyl demon. But many will be pleased by the ending executed in Hi, Masha, I Is Dubrovsky style. And what, someone seriously hoped for hepp - and?